Siren Remake Stumbles Out of Nowhere...

Siren was a pretty unique little horror game. Released on the PS2, the game had a Ju-On- esque structure and a gameplay dynamic that let you “sight jack”; in other words you could see what other people, or in fact, the monsters roaming around the Japanese landscapes could see. Rather than focusing on combat, the game focused on stealth, so the ability to know exactly what someone else was looking at was pretty useful.

Leomax Births Grace

Creepy baby-themed films seem to be the thing to do nowadays, what with Inside freaking people out on DVD and four or five other baby-themed movies in the works. Now we can add Paul Solet’s Grace to that list.

More Names for Friday Redux

Some final casting bits found their way online today for the upcoming Friday the 13th sequel, which starts rolling very soon over in Austin, TX under the direction of Texas Chainsaw Massacre remake helmer Marcus Nispel.

Dreamworks Fights Back Atlantis

Imagine if one day, for no discernable reason, Atlantis finally decided to make its way back to the surface and kick our land-dwelling asses. Such is the premise (well, sort of) for Platinum Studios' Atlantis Rising, which The Hollywood Reporter learned has been bought up by Dreamworks for a live-action adaptation.

Atomic Finds a Surrogate

Oh, man, talk about a suck situation to be in. Fox Atomic just picked up the rights to Kathryn Mackel’s The Surrogate according to this morning’s Variety, and it’s going to make some couples think really hard about how badly they want to procreate...

Exclusive Beyond the Rave Set Report!

It's a damp, cold October evening in Plumstead, South East London and I'm standing at the side of a deserted cul-de-sac arguing with a bored-looking security guard stood the other side of the fence. I'm here for the shoot I explain, showing him the text I received earlier in the day from producer Ben Grass.

Wicked Lake Premiere Set

Fever Dreams, the production company behind Tokyo Gore Police and Shadow: Dead Riot, just announced the premiere date for their latest horror opus, Wicked Lake, directed by Zach Passero.

Toronto After Dark Call for Entries!

I’ve only been to Toronto once, but man, someday I will make it back there. Not only is it one of the coolest cities north of the Border, it’s also home to Rue Morgue and the Toronto After Dark Film Festival. Why can’t Boston be that cool?

REC DVD Arrives in May ... in Spain

The U.S. remake of REC (review) isn't due out till October 17th, so does that mean we have to wait that long to see the original on DVD? Nope!

First Word on Fear Fest 3!

Finally we can start talking about Fear Fest 3, once again presented by Pit of Horror and Dread Central! Though the second show was only a month ago, it seems like it’s been forever since we mentioned it on the site. Strange how such a short time can feel so long. I bet it’s the drugs...

Death Note Coming to U.S. Screens!

Finally, after years of talking about it as if it were some Holy Grail of unfound cinema, you guys will finally get a chance to see the first Death Note (review) in theaters next month!

Antichrist Goes to Germany

Well, we still don’t really know a lot about Lars Von Trier’s Antichrist, despite having been reporting on it for over a year now, but at least we know it’s shooting in Germany this summer!

George A. Romero's MySpace Film Winners!

If you may remember, months back George A. Romero held a contest to see which aspiring filmmakers could scare the master of the walking dead. Five short films were handpicked by Mr. Romero and have the honor of appearing on the Diary of the Dead DVD on May 20th.

Exclusive: Nick Mennell Joins Friday the 13th!

With Marcus Nispel's Friday the 13th remake nearing its April 21st start date, the pic has familiar names popping up all over the place that are joining the cast.

More Wolfman Set Pics

If the printed press in the UK is to be believed, everything’s going very well on the set of The Wolfman, the much –anticipated remake staring Benicio del Toro, Anthony Hopkins and Hugo Weaving.