New Shock Festival Poster Featuring One of Our Own!

Stephen Romano sent us over a new poster he just completed work on for the fictional film Trenchcoat Trailer Park Massacre, and in it you may recognize a familiar face ...

Exclusive: Set Report & Photos From Filthy!

*WARNING: These pictures are NOT WORK SAFE!** Man, the shit you can get yourself in just by walking down the street...

Update on AWIL Doccumentary Beware the Moon!

It’s been a while since we’ve heard anything from Paul Davis, the man behind the American Werewolf in London retrospective Beware the Moon, but suddenly we got an e-mail from the man yesterday with some very good news...

Lead & Director Set for Dead of Night

From comics to film back to comics and now on to film again, Dylan Dog just will not die. Though It can’t seem to keep its title in place for some strange reason.

Hellboy II to Close 2008 LA Film Fest

If you live in or around LA or are planning to be in the area at the end of June, you could be among the lucky few who get to see Hellboy II: The Golden Army a full 13 days early.

Exclusive Dead Space Update From Executive Producer!

Oh, man have we got something cool for you guys today! We’ve been working with EA Games to help drum up interest in their badass outer space horror game, Dead Space, and today we got our hands on a blog posting from the game’s executive producer, Glen Schofield!

After Dark is Faithless to Perkins' 14

After Dark Films is shedding its skin as the company prepares to start producing and distributing its own horror films. The first two features to come out of this new development will be Perkins' 14 and Faithless.

The Man is Out of the Garage!

The Man in the Garage (review) director Robert Luke dropped us a line today to inform horror fans out there that his film has been picked up for DVD distribution via Ship to Shore Distribution.

Switch Thrown on Igor Trailer

Striving to be more than just the little man who pulls the switch for the great inventor, Igor is setting out on his own to become a mad scientist in his own right. All that stands in his way are prejudices and another evil genius.

Abandoned Penner Ready to Get Filthy

A beautiful older woman drags a pearl necklace across her silky smooth body. She moans and arches her back, deriving pleasure not only from the touch of the cool pearls on her hot flesh, but from the feel of wealth on wealth.

Hell Returns to Earth for Doom 4

If there's one horror gaming series that doesn't need any introduction, it's Doom.

Sexy Witchblade Arrives From Japan!

Yesterday it was Hellsing, and today Organic Hobby sent us word that a new statue based on Uno Makoto's manga version of Top Cow character Witchblade will be released in July. The sexy badass stands 8" tall with two different versions of her blade and a custom base. She'll retail for $50.

9" Alien Coming This Month!

The xenomorph from Ridley Scott's Alien has seen many incarnations throughout the years from several toymakers. Some have been good, some OK, but none really did justice to H.R. Giger's killing machine.

Dr. West Vs. Cassie Hack!

It’s not the good news we’ve been waiting for, that Jeffrey Combs will be putting on his labcoat again and jumping back into the role of Dr. Herbert West, but it’s still pretty damn cool nonetheless.

Siren Blood Curse Covers Europe

While we’d been guessing it would be the case, PS3 Fanboy discovered via a disc of assets given to them by Sony Computer Entertainment Europe that the new Siren reimagining will be released outside of Japan, heading into Europe this summer, and presumably coming to America around the same time.