New Pics from The Wolfman Set!

For a change, it looks like the next two years may have remakes we horror fans actually want to see. Shocking, I know. While there are some stinkers and iffy titles on the way, The Wolfman stands out mainly because of the talented cast assembled for the project ... and we haven't had too many good werewolf films in recent memory.

Can Takeshi Beat Guilala?

A new and rather unexpected wrinkle has been added to the mix of Calamari Wrestler director Minoru Kawasaki's low-tech giant monster romp Monster X Strikes Back: Attack the G8 Summit.

DVD Releases: God of the Zillas

Big monsters, terrorizing singing, and re-issues are all on their way come Tuesday, April 29th, 2008...

Saw Game Gets Fresh Blood!

All right, this might possibly be the last news bit we’re able to pull out of the Fangoria Weekend of Horrors which, you have to admit, has been pretty fruitful in the news department this weekend. I don’t think I’ve updated on a Sunday this many times in all the years I’ve been doing this!

After Dark's Broken Horrorfest Plans

Wondering what After Dark Films has planned for this year’s Horrorfest? Amazed, considering the box office returns last year, that they’ll even be another? Yeah, me too, but you can’t help but give ‘em a little respect for not giving up!

Lynch Still on The Bridge

All right, so we just got yet more cool news from the Weekend of Horrors going down in LA right now, this time concerning one of our favorite up-and-coming directors, Wrong Turn 2’s Joe Lynch (pictured, looking fierce)!

Death Walking on MySpace

Here’s the first thing we’ve seen in forever from Death Walks the Streets, that fabled indie film about vampires, werewolves, demons and the mob that may or may not ever actually see the light of day.

Mini Shark Swarm Trailer Found

Though I’d like to say that anytime John Schneider and Daryl Hannah are in a movie together, I’m there with no questions asked. Sadly that is not the case, but throw in a shitload of sharks and you’ve won me over.

Exclusive: Carnivale Creator Announces End of the World

Another bit of interesting news coming from the Weekend of Horrors, this time from Andrew Kasch. Daniel Knauf, best known as the creator of Carnivale, just announced his latest project; Exodus.

Duval is Cornered

Just got another bit of news from Creepy, currently holding down at the Fangoria Weekend of Horrors, this time about everyone’s favorite man in a bunny suit, James Duval. Duval told the WoH crowd that his next film is called Cornered!. It concerns a group of people trapped in a convenience store, stalked by a serial killer. During their down time they discuss how they themselves would dispatch the killer, only for them to be killed by the madman in the same ways.

Masters of Horror Skull Packaging!

Creepy checked in from the Weekend of Horrors again sometime throughout the night while I was resting, and sent along the pic you see below; Anchor Bay’s packaging for Masters of Horror: Season 2! Though I appreciated the “crypt case” Season One came in, this does seem far more appropriate. How they’ll be fitting the discs in there is, thankfully, not for me to figure out ... No word on a solid street date for it, either. Keep it here for more news from the Weekend of Horrors soon!

Tribeca 2008: Thriller Night Report!

On Thursday, April 24th, hordes of people (both living and undead) gathered outdoors for a special screening of Michael Jackson’s “Thriller,” courtesy of the Tribeca Film Fest Drive-In series.

Bay Vs. Boll: Whoever Loses, We Win!

We interrupt your normal horror movie news to bring you the height of comedy. And by height of comedy I mean Uwe Boll challenging Michael Bay to face him in the ring for a mano-a-mano boxing match. Seriously! You cannot make this stuff up. When it comes to the antics of Uwe Boll, how can you make up stuff that's wackier than the real thing?

Lena Headey is Laid to Rest

Today we got a heads up about the latest film from Lightning Bug director/ Almost Human effects head Robert Hall’s latest film, Laid to Rest. Cameras will wrap on Rest Monday in Baltimore, so I’m actually amazed they’ve kept it this quiet for so long. Some plot? Why not!

Exclusive: Dead Air Writer Announces Next Project

Creepy just checked in from the Fangoria Weekend of Horrors with some news that you guys’ll probably dig; Ken Yakkel (pictured), writer of the upcoming zombie flick Dead Air, just announced that his next project is a film called This is Your Death.