Mandy Lane Clip!

As you may recall, All the Boys Love Mandy Lane (review) is set to open in UK theaters next Friday, February 15th. Lucky Brits, we’re not getting it unitl (supposedly) April over here. But it’s all right, because Optimum Releasing have just thrown us a new clip from the film that should hopefully help tide you over for now. Check it out below and be sure to visit the official Mandy Lane appreciation society on MySpace when you’re done!

Reptisaurus Prepares to Rampage

You know giant monster movies are getting to be back in vogue when an obscure 40-year old monster comic is getting dusted off as the basis for a brand new creature feature. Don't feel bad if you've never before heard of Reptisaurus because the monster was the subject of a short-lived Silver Age comic published by the long defunct Charlton Comics back in the hay day of giant Japanese monster movies. The comic only ran for seven issues from 1962-1963. I'd say that's pretty darn obscure.

Thomas Kills in Red Velvet?

A few days back, when we did our latest Fear Fest update and mentioned that E.T. star Henry Thomas would be joining us in Texas this March 7th-9th, were you a bit perplexed? Sure, Thomas has done some good genre work in things like Dead Birds, but why’s he hitting cons now?

Badass New Jack Brooks Poster!

Wow, now that is a badass poster ladies and gents! Make sure you use your little arrow pointy thing (some call it a “cursor”) to click on the teaser image you see below for the new Jack Brooks: Monster Slayer poster. This is how a poster for a movie called Jack Brooks: Monster Slayer should look, damnit!

See Spiral w/ Cast & Crew This Friday!

In California and got nothing going on this Friday? Don't sit home playing Halo 3, head out to L.A. and check out Adam Green's latest psychodrama, Spiral (review here), on the big screen followed by an audience Q and A.

Frank Sudol's Diary Entry

It's been quite some time since we've raved about the goodness that was Frank Sudol's City of Rott (review here), and if you haven't see it yet, brother, you'd best get to ordering! Frank dropped us a line today to let us know about something new!

Dead Air Trailer Lives

Remember when the horror flick flick called Dead Air was supposed to come out during the winter of 2007? Yeah, that didn't seem to happen. It just sort of vanished. This really pissed me off since the idea of watching two DJs trying to get the word out about a terrorist-born zombie contagion sounds pretty cool.

Midnight Movie Site is Live!

A few months back, you might recall we gave you the first word on a new horror flick that seemed to come from nowhere called Midnight Movie (“First Look at Midnight Movie!” – September 2007). Since then all has been pretty quite for the flick, but today we got a progress report from director Jack Messitt.

Malevolence Prequel Trailer!

Those crazy bastards over at Icons of Fright just got the first look at the trailer for Steve Mena’s Malevolence: Bereavement, the prequel to his 2005 debut, Malevolence. The film is the story of the breaking of Martin Bristol, the killer we witnessed messing things up in the first movie, as he’s trained to be a remorseless madman by serial killer Graham Sutter. No word on a release date yet but we’ll keep you posted.

Dinner for Fiends: The Remake

Remakes. We hate them, we love them, we just cannot seem to get away from them. Hell, some of our most cherished horror films are remakes: The Thing, The Fly, When a Stranger Calls ... all right, maybe not that last one.

Four Shrooms Clips!

Magnolia Pictures will be releasing Shrooms in a very, very limited capacity this Friday, February 8th. To celebrate, or just get you in the mood for its March 25th DVD date, we’ve got four clips from the film for your ocular enjoyment! Check ‘em out below and be sure to visit the official Shrooms site for the theater listings and a lot more!

Kelly's Box is Wrapped!

Richard Kelly just updated his MySpace blog with some very good news last night; The Box is a wrap! The horror movie starring Frank Langella, Cameron Diaz (pictured) and James Marsden and has been shooting in Boston (d’oh!) and Virginia for the past few weeks and is now officially in the can!

Sideshow Pits Frank Against Wolf

Nothing like seeing two monsters getting ready to duke it out in serious smackdown action. That is, except for actually seeing said smackdown action. Now that’s fun.

New Funny Games Trailer

Those young hipsters over at MTV just got their well-manicured hands on the latest trailer for Funny Games, Michael Haneke’s remake of his own 1997 original. Naomi Watts and Tim Roth take the roles of a couple who are taken hostage while on vacation by a pair of very disturbed yuppies. Check out the new trailer, with an intro by said yuppies (Michael Pitt & Brady Corbet) below! Funny Games is in theaters March 14th!

Full SXSW Horror Lineup!

Yesterday we got official word from Warnrer Bros that Raw Feed entry Otis would be making its premiere at this year’s South by Southwest festival, running March 7th-15th. But Otis is just one of many new horror entries making their debut, as we found out today when the official lineup was announced.