Dinner for Fiends: Hostile

Welcome to another edition of Dinner for Fiends! But who really are the fiends? The speakers or the listeners? Ponder that for a moment. Anyway, this time out Uncle Creepy, Johnny Butane, Andrew Ka

From Werewolves to Wild Boars

What's with the sudden burgeoning subgenre of big killer hog movies that's beginning to crop up? Huge killer hogs seem to have become this year's killer Sasquatch. I've previously reported on the Hogz

Day of the Dead Re-Shot

Ah, yes, the Day of the Dead remake helmed by Lake Placid mastermind Steve Miner; sometimes, when it’s been a while since a movie was mentioned, I forget how much I’m not looking forward to it. Then s

New Skinwalkers Poster, Trailer

Yesterday we got word that both a new trailer and a new poster for Skinwalkers had shown up online thanks to After Dark Films, and sure enough here they are for you, ready for consumption! That pos

Host Sequel Bong-less

I really don’t know how I feel about sequel to The Host (review) without the brilliance of Bong Joon-ho behind the camera, but I guess that’s not really up to me, is it? No, no it’s not. The

Nightmare Dectective Sequelized

Word has come down via Screen Daily that the Japanese team behind last year’s very successful horror/crime movie Nightmare Detective (review) (which is terrifyingly in the hands of the Weinsteins for

Grindhouse Releasing Live

We just received a heads up from Shawn over at Rotten Cotton (who have 15 brand-new shirt designs on the way; see the first three on their MySpace page) that the official site for Grindhouse Releasing is alive!

First Pics of a Dying God

A few weeks back we gave you a heads up about a new horror flick that struck our fancy, Dying God (read it here), from director Fabrice Lambot. The plot concerns a detective on the trail of a serial k

Exclusive: Dead @17 on DC!

**PLEASE NOTE: The 48 hour window is now CLOSED! Thanks to filmmaker Mark Steensland for allowing us to give you the first look at Dead @17!** Last week we were the first to tell you about the new

Welcome to Nightmare Alley!

Last week we gave you your first tease of Nightmare Alley, the new horror variety show full of interviews, short films and videos you’re not going to see anywhere but on Dread Central. Unlike the

Exclusive: J.T. Petty Talks Burrowers!

So recently you may recall we showed you the first piece of teaser art from J.T. (Soft for Digging, Mimic: Sentinel) Petty’s upcoming monster movie, The Burrowers (see it here), a movie that’s been in one form of pre-production or another for years now, but we’ve never lost track of.

DVD Release List: Abandon All Hope

Here's what's on your "to buy" list for Tuesday, June 19th, 2007... The Abandoned (2006) Directed by Nacho Cerda Definitely one of the highlights of last November’s After Dark Horrorfest was be

Exclusive Black Sheep Interview!

When the last Tribeca Film Festival went down a few months back, our man on the scene, Nomad, got to chat with Black Sheep (review) director Jonathan King about his killer sheep movie. You haven’t

New Horror From R-Point Helmer

For those of you that saw Su-chang Kong’s first foray into straight-up horror, R-Point (review) (Tell Me Something was more dramatic), you likely saw a well-shot filmed with a creepy setting but, sadl

Behind the Trailer Park

If you head on over to the official site for Steven Goldmann’s film adaptation of the Imperium Comic series Trailer Park of Terror, you can see behind the scenes of what looks to be a truly disgusting