Are You the Next Elvira?

Do you have the wit and the tit to be the next Mistress of the Dark? Original "Elvira" Cassandra Peterson is looking for an understudy with her new show set to premiere on the Fox Reality Channel on O

RKO Teams With Twisted

Very cool news came down today via Variety about a whole bunch of new horror remakes we now get to look forward to, coming from some of the best in the business! The trade is reporting that RKO Pic

You Will Click On This Story

Horror T-shirts are what you need. You must consume. Plain clothes are for mamma's boys. You need Horror T-shirts. Do not dress like a little bitch. The cooler kids wear black. We will not ta

Precinct 13 Rocks!

With Father's Day right around the corner, it got me thinking. You know what would be fucking cool? Having Robert Kurtzman as a dad! Just think of the possibilities -- Don't feel like going to scho

Exorcise The Sorcerers

Spanish horror is a strange beast. Decades ago you could slap a few nude women and a couple of zombies, vampires or witches in a flick, and it would be an instant classic. Whatever happened to those d

Prepare to Enter ... Nightmare Alley!

It’s amazing what you can find just by spending some time on a message board. Ours, especially! Seems we have some kind of sexy cool magnet for attracting talented, motivated horror freaks, which

First Repo! Casting

Oh hell yes. Ask anyone who's spoken to me since the project was first announced, and they’ll tell you I cannot wait for Darren Lynn Bousman’s rock opera, Repo! The Genetic Opera; for some reason

NECA's New Billy

Yeah, that’s right; we’re not done barraging you with NECA updates yet, so just deal with it! Actually this time it’s Randy’s fault, as he just update the NECA MySpace page with the first look at t

Chair Status Update

Wow, it’s been a long time since we’ve heard hide or hair about Brett (Ginger Snaps 2) Sullivan’s second feature, The Chair. I mean it's been a long time. Today, however, that silence was broken when Fangoria heard from producer Doug Patterson, who delivered the good news that a new trailer is online (see it below) and that they just screened the film for industry folk in Toronto and got a great response.

"Ice Cream" DVD Art!

Normally we don’t make a big deal out of the cover art for upcoming Masters of Horror DVDs (unless we get it exclusive), but when I saw the art for Tom Holland’s "We All Scream For Ice Cream" (review)

New Jericho Screens!

It’s one thing to be told over and over how involved in Jericho Clive Barker is. It’s another thing entirely to look over a gallery of screenshots like the one IGN has just posted. I don’t think i

Exclusive: 1408 Video Interviews

We were recently invited to take part in a press junket for the June 22nd release of 1408 and after some last-minute scrambling to make sure all our ducks were in a proverbial row, our good friend and

Davis & Barker Get Operatic

First he managed to get metal to be mainstream again. Then he tried his acting chops out starring in the title role of the still-unseen Sin-Jin Smyth. Now Korn frontman Jonathan Davis is writing an op

NECA's Evil Anniversary Update!

NECA is gearing up for a strong showing at this year's San Diego Comic Con, which means we are in for a nice bit of eye candy in the coming month! Today we get an update on Resident Evil Anniversary