Bloody Twitch

While browsing the interweb for horror news on this strangely slow day, I saw a very interesting article on Twitch.

Behind the Scenes of Jack Brooks

Jack Brooks: Monster Slayer looks like a good time. There's monsters, comedy, Robert Englund and a dude beating the hell out of demons with tools. What else could you want?

Bousman Finds Fear Itself

How exactly do you pull off a horror based anthology on network television? Will all its strengths have to be placed within the storytelling and direction since gore and sex can't be relied upon?

*Updated* The Devils and Oliver Reed Wont Return

UPDATE: Ever hear the saying "So close, yet so far?" Unfortunately that applies here. As confirmed by Warner Home Video, The Devils will NOT be seeing a DVD release in 2008. Though the door has been left open for a release sometime down the road. Feh.

This is Silent Hill V?

Sometimes I’m loathe to bring attention to screenshots of a game that is still a good ways off when they look as bad as this, but when the game is Silent Hill V and the graphics just aren’t remotely up to scratch, it’s a different story.

Doomsday Goes International

IMP Awards got in the international poster for Neil Marshall's upcoming horror/action blast Doomsday. Check it out below. Beautiful women + swords + choppers + violent survivors + a nasty plague = gold in my book (“First Look at Doomsday Infected!” – February 2008).

New Line Dead, Warner Bros. Fed

Wow. Artisan and Orion Pictures may soon have company down in Movie Hell.

Help Pathology Past 100 Theatres!

I've been subjected to many bad horror films that have been given wide releases. Some were total box office flops that couldn't have done well in the testing stages, so why do films with more positive responses get the boot?

Two Clips from Donkey Punch

I am still not exactly sure why the Magnet Releasing title Donkey Punch is named so. The film's description (luxury yachting gone wrong) sure didn't give me any clues, but who cares now that we've got clips!

Rhode Island Gets ScareRI

A few months back we gave you guys a heads up about a very unique screenwriting contest going down in the tiny state of Rhode Island called ScareRI (“Attention All R.I. Screamwriters!” – September 2007).

My Bloody Valentine Redux Goes 3D

New Chemical Wedding Art!

The folks over at the IMP Awards got their virtual hands on the UK quad for Chemical Wedding, the upcoming directorial debut from long time Month Python editor Julian Doyle.

New Pics From Kelly's The Box

Just the other day we threw the first picture of the titular device from Richard Kelly’s The Box at ya. Today USA Today, of all places, got their hands on 7 exclusive stills from the film, one of which you can see below. I have to say, I had no idea that Kelly had set his story in the 1970’s, but damn I love the look of it. Click here or on the photo below to see the rest!

Fear Fest 2 Full Schedule Live!

We here at Dread Central and the fine fiends over at Pit of Horror do our best to make sure everything works out perfectly for our upcoming Fear Fest 2, but like conventions of every kind, changes are bound to occur. First let's start off with the bad news.

The Undertakers Need Zombies

Isn't it the dream of many horror fans to be a zombie in a movie? I'm not talking about one of those generic background deaders; I mean one right in the front where everyone can see ya. Well, for just $10 you could have that chance!