Twelve Minutes from The Psycho Legacy!

For the past year or so, the guys behind fellow horror site Icons of Fright have been working on a documentary about the history of Psycho and its sequels called The Psycho Legacy. It’s a passion project for the boys, as they’re all huge fans of the films, and I'm glad we can finally share some of it with you!

Caspian Star the New Dorian Gray

It’s been a while since anyone has tried to create a new version of Oscar Wilde’s iconic novel The Picture of Dorian Gray, but inevitably a new adaptation has to come up every generation or so; that’s why the book is iconic.

Harper's Island Retooled

I wonder just what it means to “retool” a TV show. Do you tear it down to its barest essentials and build it back up again with new talent? Maybe you just keep the title and premise and throw out anything else that made the show unique? Seems a bit cannibalistic to me.

51 Worst Horror Movie Cliches

If spending a lifetime watching horror films has taught us anything, it's the basic tools for survival that would apply to just about any kind of hellish situation. The only problem is the writers of our favorite flicks see fit to just have characters fall into the same kinds of pitfalls over and over. You know them well, but just in case Dread Central is proud(?) to present the ...

Swiss Model Stars in new Hickox Film Catwalk!

During my recent interview with Anthony Hickox (Hellraiser 3, Waxwork and the upcoming Knife Edge), he briefly mentioned that one of his next projects may be a film called Catwalk, which he co-wrote with long-time collaborator Peter Atkins.

21 Star Gets Heartless

The trades are reporting today that UK production venture CinemaNX has committed itself to three new projects, one of which is a horror movie called Heartless that will topline 21 star Jim Sturgess.

First Look at Argento's Giallo

I gotta give it to the man; even though is recent output may not be up to par with his classics, Dario Argento shows absolutely no signs of being done with movie making anytime soon. Hell, if anything else he seems to be making them faster now!

Exte, Dream Disc Details

Over the weekend the boys at Fangoria got the first look at the art for two of the weirdest J-horror films I’ve seen in a long time: Suicide Club helmer Sion Sono’s latest, Exte: Hair Extensions (review), and Higuchinsky’s Long Dream.

Exclusive: Richard Hatch Joins The Undertakers!

A familiar face to all Battlestar Galatica fans out there has just joined up with J. Larose to be part of Kiven Head's zombie action film, The Undertakers: Road's End. Richard Hatch (Capt. Apollo!) will be playing the role of Professor James.

Michael Pare to Hang with David

We recently learned that Michael Pare, who's going to be scaring things up in 100 Feet, has joined the cast of Chris White's David to play a the father named Eric Fuller.

Stuck with a Red Band Trailer

Our buddy Hunter directed us to Movie-List, which is currently hosting the red-band trailer for Stuck.

More Siren: Blood Curse Footage

We've seen the Japanese trailer for Siren: Blood Curse (or Siren: New Translation as it's known there), but now we have the trailer focusing on the perspective of the American characters wrapped up in events, rather than the Japanese ones.

Zine Review: Rue Morgue #78

Issue #78 May 2008 The focus in this month’s Rue Morgue is something we’ve been trying to do a Dinner for Fiends about for the last month or so; the new wave of French horror. Sadly, there’s not a helluva lot to talk about since there are only a handful of movies that are making up this new trend, but it’s nice to see them put it in the forefront for the fans.

First Impressions of Silent Hill 5

There's been a lot of skepticism towards Silent Hill V (now being called Silent Hill: Homecoming officially), and I have no shame in admitting that some of it came from me. A lot of the screenshots and material slowly seeping out from the developers over at Double Helix (formerly called The Collective) had given grounds for those people naturally skeptical anyway, given that the game was not being made by Team Silent, to feel their fears were founded.

Seagal the Vampire Slayer

Steven Seagal has been kind of notorious for wanting to avoid appearing in any kind of sci-fi or horror-themed movies. It almost happened a few years back with the Anthony Hickox flick Submerged, but the whole "mutant" aspect got nixed in favor of generic terrorists shortly before shooting began. Not sure why he's so opposed to such a thing. His own daughter starred in three Gamera movies; what makes him think he's so above the fray?