Amusement Bumped Up

After reporting on delay after delay, it's nice to have something we've been looking forward to actually getting bumped up.

Visit the Orphanage on DVD in April

I was shocked and amazed upon visiting a local multiplex not long ago to see that The Orphanage (review) was playing. Then I traveled to another one, and again, it was listed with several screenings. Now, why couldn't Diary of the Dead have gotten that same treatment so some of us didn't have to drive 70 miles for utter disappointment?

Classic Argento in Metal Boxes!

A true horror fan can never get enough Dario Argento. I think the people at Anchor Bay know that because we heard through the grapevine that some fancy releases are coming up for a few Argento flicks. What's so fancy? Well, the DVDs will be housed in metal slip-cases! First let's look at some of the most anticipated DVD releases from the maestro.

Exclusive: Blood Shot Interviews!

There's been a steady buzz building around upcoming vampire film Blood Shot, and if our exclusive pics of Michael Bailey Smith as the big bad didn't scare up enough interest for you, we now have some exclusive interviews to go along with them!

Get Stuck this May

Ever hit a guy while driving and thought, "Meh. I'll just leave him embedded on my windshield and hope my homies will come over and dispose of the body"? Doesn't exactly sound like the smart thing to do in real life; yet, it somehow sounds about right for a plot of a movie.

My Name is Bruce Pics Land From Heaven

As it stands, My Name is Bruce is still due out sometime this year. Bruce Campbell himself has said it numerous times, and I have no reason not to believe what the Great Chin decrees.

The Predator Opens Wide

"The Wolf" from Aliens VS Predator: Requiem (review) may not have gotten the treatment he deserved on film, but NECA is making it all OK.

Heck Yes! Pathology Teaser!

Who knew that Napoleon Dynamite could help promote Marc Schoelermann's Pathology? A new teaser trailer for the film found its way online recently, and color me impressed with the humor.

Bloody Twitch

While browsing the interweb for horror news on this strangely slow day, I saw a very interesting article on Twitch.

Behind the Scenes of Jack Brooks

Jack Brooks: Monster Slayer looks like a good time. There's monsters, comedy, Robert Englund and a dude beating the hell out of demons with tools. What else could you want?

Bousman Finds Fear Itself

How exactly do you pull off a horror based anthology on network television? Will all its strengths have to be placed within the storytelling and direction since gore and sex can't be relied upon?

*Updated* The Devils and Oliver Reed Wont Return

UPDATE: Ever hear the saying "So close, yet so far?" Unfortunately that applies here. As confirmed by Warner Home Video, The Devils will NOT be seeing a DVD release in 2008. Though the door has been left open for a release sometime down the road. Feh.

This is Silent Hill V?

Sometimes I’m loathe to bring attention to screenshots of a game that is still a good ways off when they look as bad as this, but when the game is Silent Hill V and the graphics just aren’t remotely up to scratch, it’s a different story.

Doomsday Goes International

IMP Awards got in the international poster for Neil Marshall's upcoming horror/action blast Doomsday. Check it out below. Beautiful women + swords + choppers + violent survivors + a nasty plague = gold in my book (“First Look at Doomsday Infected!” – February 2008).

New Line Dead, Warner Bros. Fed

Wow. Artisan and Orion Pictures may soon have company down in Movie Hell.