Splattrax & Chocolate

The time has come for the second edition of Dread Central's Splattrax!

Fantasia 2007 Site is Live!

New art, new films, a new theater; everything about Fantasia 2007 (July 5th-25th) is new this year, save for its required amount of ass kickery, which is about 95%. Hit the official Fantasia site

Ready for a Twisted Christmas?

This October, HELL comes to Christmas town!!! (*cue death metal music*) McFarlane Toys, ever the destructor of children's lollipop dreams, presents Twisted Christmas, a world where Santa Claus comin

San Diego Gets Zombified!

Looking for a new, fun way to celebrate the full moon this weekend? If you live in the San Diego area, why not join in the Balboa Park Zombie Walk taking place this Saturday, June 30th? Not exactl

Exclusive: Dekker Talks Monster Squad Sequel!

Recently I got the chance to talk to the one and only Fred Dekker, director of The Monster Squad (on DVD July 24th, pre-order it here) and Night of the Creeps (on DVD ... eventually) about the history

Release Date for Them

Word came down from Dark Sky Films yesterday about the impending US release of Them (aka Ils, review), which has been garnering all sorts of praise for over a year now due to various festival screenin

From Beyond "Art"

Ugh. What the hell is that supposed to be? So many good pieces of art out there for From Beyond, so long we have waited for the Special Edition to finally hit DVD, and this is what we get? For shame,

Sony Takes Up Outpost

An ex-Marine is given a high-paying, supposedly low-risk job for himself and his crack team of specialists to infiltrate a disused bunker in a war-torn Eastern European country. What they find is anyt

Tartan's August Terrors

Hey all! Just got word from Tartan about their releases for August, and I’m happy to report they seem to have some varied and interesting pieces in here. First up on August 14th is Carved: The Sli

Rue Morgue 69s!

Most badass Rue Morgue cover ever? Not quite, but damn it sure is pretty. A lot prettier than the box art Lionsgate chose to use for the upcoming DVD release, that’s for damn sure. The next is

Masters Box Revealed

We first showed you the art for it a while back, but now Anchor Bay/Starz Home Entertainment have announced the official release and final specs for their long-awaited box set of Masters of Horror: Se

Stuck Trailer!

As with seemingly all films Stuart Gordon directs, it just seems to take forever to dig up any info about them. His latest, Stuck, is no exception. But man, so far it's always been well worth the wait

Dead Air is Live!

Just got a heads up from the producers of Dead Air, the Corbin Bernson-helmed horror flick about a pair of DJs trying to warn their listening audience about a zombie outbreak in LA, that the film’s official site is now online.

Take Billy Home For A Game

Our friends from NECA sent over word on a pumped up version of their tiny little Billy puppet from the Cult Classics Jigsaw action figure. Now 12 inches tall (but no telling how wide this sucker will

Welcome to Dreadtime Stories!

Back in 1981 a book came out by some young upstart horror author named Jack Ketchum. To say it took the literary world by storm may sound like hyperbole, but in fact that is almost exactly what happen