Teodora Film Picks Up Ricky

One of the main aspects of Pan’s Labyrinth that led to it being called a masterpiece by so many is Guillermo's choice of actors. Sergi Lopez especially stood out as the evil stepfather, and today Variety reports that he’s boarding another horror/fantasy film called Ricky.

Exclusive Clip: The Signal

Man, the news about The Signal (review) just keeps pouring in! This time though, we're gonna let the movie speak for itself as we've nabbed an exclusive clip for you guys to dig on!

Signal Poster Signing This Weekend!

Yeah, I know most of you haven’t seen The Signal (review) yet. If you’re smart you’ll rectify that as soon as possible, though ... and we want to help!

Don't Tell Mom the Babysitter is DEAD!

Of all the collectibles out there, my favorite line has to be Sideshow Collectibles' THE DEAD series. These 12 inchers are nothing short of fantastic! Wow, could that last statement be taken the wrong way!

Hasbro's Cloverfield Monster Figure Revealed

Color me curious about this one! Most of us were waiting for this figure if only to get a good look at the beast itself! I must admit when Hasbro announced they had the license, I was a bit worried. Would it be a true representation, or would it be dumbed down a bit and made to look cutesy?

Summertime for Strangers

Though it’s been floating out there with its off-putting imagery for a few months now, we’ve yet to hear an official release strategy for Bryan Baertino’s The Strangers until now, if you can believe it.

Wrong Turn 2: Crime and Punishment

It's no secret that we live in an insane world. The tells are everywhere. Each day signs pop up that point to Armageddon. To name a few:

Final Transsiberian Trailer!

The guys over at Aullidos just got their hands on the final trailer for the next film from Session 9 director Brad Anderson, Transsiberian.

B-Movie Overload: Beasts, Bugs, Breasts & Boll

Sometimes I come across a whole bunch of B-movie news items that don't always warrant their own individual stories for various reasons. Such is the case here with stuff involving a variety of news blurbs involving monster movies, Sci-Fi Channel movies, Jim Wynorski, and the almighty Uwe Boll. So I decided to consolidate all of these stories into one giant news update. Shall we dive in head first? START!

Chan-Wook's Vampire Flick Finds Female

Looks like Oldboy and Lady Vengeance director Park Chan-Wook’s search for a leading lady for his upcoming vampire film, now being called Thirst has finally come to an end…

George Looks to Triangle

Nothing would suck worse than being stuck in the middle of the Bermuda Triangle and experiencing all the weird shit you know you'll never be able to discuss because, well, no one ever does. That is, of course, unless you have three personalities and they each recall the time in the Triangle differently.

Murphy, Page Join Peacock

Though I can’t say for sure this will appeal to genre audiences, a cast that includes Cillian Murphy (28 Days Later) and Ellen Page (An American Crime) is enough to make me take note. The pair just joined up for the film Peacock, a psychological thriller being helmed by newcomer Michael Lander according to Variety.

Landis to Helm Gaines Doc

John Landis is returning behind the camera for another documentary about an influential funny man following Mr. Warmth: The Don Rickles Project, though admittedly one of a very different type of humor. Gallows humor, some call it.

The Signal Launches Webisodes

For a film that's getting a limited release, Magnolia Pictures sure is hyping up The Signal (review). Just a few days ago a new clip was released (“Laura and the New Signal Clip – February 2008") and then today part one of a new web series about the picture started exclusively on YouTube.

Dark Sky Films Catches a Shiver

Just got word in that the fine folks over at Dark Sky Films have nabbed themselves the rights to distribute Isidro Ortiz’s thriller Shiver a.k.a. Eskalofrio from Coach 14 today in Berlin.