A Horror Gaming Flood Is Coming

E3 is well under way, and for us horror fans the news is coming fast and in large amounts. With every big announcement about Halo 3 or Mario comes a bunch of little ones geared towards us, the horror community. Just take a look at all these titles coming for the PC and all three next-gen consoles... Hellgate London

*UPDATE* Leslie Vernon On The Big Screen

*UPDATE* David Stieve let us know that Behind the Mask will be showing for more than just one day at the Orpheum Theater. Mr. Stieve added, "Just wanted to get you the updated info- the film itself wi

The Killing Floor Poster

Arrow In The Head was one of the first sites to put up a look at the new poster for the upcoming thriller The Killing Floor. THINKFilm acquired the DVD rights to the film last April, but there's bee

Invitation to a Murder Party!

Revolver Entertainment has announced the July 30th release of Murder Party on DVD. Revolver calls it "the most original horror movie of the year … Art School Confidential meets The Breakfast Club."

The Horrors of Fantasia: Day 5 & 6

Moore Is Lost

John Connolly's novel The Book of Lost Things has been in stores for about a year now and is already getting noticed for adaptation on the big screen. Too bad one of the people optioning the book is T

A Pair of Finnish Teases

Finnish writer/directors Tommi Lepola and Tero Molin are certainly a prolific pair. Their Brian Yuzna produced film EverDark is still listed as being in production, but thanks to Twitch Film we found

The Tripper Heads to DVD!

Those crafty folks over at DVDActive have obtained from Fox Home Entertainment the specs and cover art for The Tripper, the long-awaited David Arquette helmed slasher that stars Thomas Jane, Jason Mew

Dracula Returns To Universal

For me the vampire subgenre feels dead. The Blade series turned Dracula into a daywalking poster boy for Lifestyles Gym chains, and the direct-to-DVD market is too caught up in cheap zombie flicks to

Mandy Lane On The Wall

Ah, remember that one girl in school who was so beautiful you could only dream of being her boyfriend? Remember that time you started to kill off her potential suitors just so you could have her all to yourself in some secluded location?

Evil Will Be Resident In 2008

Microsoft’s press conference at this year’s E3 has just ended. There were a few new snippets of information, but what they mostly focused on were games due this year ... apart from one single exceptio

Horror Nights Gain Horror Legends

Yes, it's that time of year already. Time to turn our thoughts to Halloween, which also means Universal's Halloween Horror Nights.

Brutal Premieres This Friday

We last told you about the giant get-together of Ken Foree, Gunnar Hansen and Brian O'Halloran called Brutal Massacre here, and things have been rather quiet for a while. That is all going to change because this week Stevan Mena's latest directorial effort is ready to make a splash.

Explore New Sites With Jericho

Official websites for games aren’t things to usually get excited about; however, Codemasters often goes the extra mile with such things, and when the subject matter is something as exciting as Clive B

Demons/Demons 2 DVD Art!

As you can see, Anchor Bay has decided the classic look is the best look for their re-release of Demons and Demons 2, and that’s all right with us. Both discs will be sadly devoid of any extras b