It's My Party Chooses Horror

The direct-to-DVD sequel Return to House on Haunted Hill touted itself as being the first “choose your own adventure” horror movie. All well and good when you’ve got a Warner Bros.-sized budget, but we just learned about a kid who decided to do one on his own likely before Return was even discussed.

Beyond the Grave Ready to Roll

Demons, zombies, police; it’s all a matter of course for Davi de Oliveria Pinheiro, a Brazilian director who is getting ready to shoot his feature film debut, the horror/fantasy Beyond the Grave.

Screenwriter Talks Giallo, Gothic

Imagine it, if you will; you’re a screenwriter, working with a buddy trying to get something, anything, picked up, preferably by someone you respect. Then, suddenly, before you know it, you’re having discussions with both John Carpenter and Dario Argento.

Poster for UK's The Cottage

The UK horror/comedy The Cottage is set to open in theaters across the pond on March 14th, 2008. Though no official site has been created for it yet, distributor Pathe Films has put together a pretty cool poster that you can see by clicking on the teaser image to the right.

Dreadtime Stories: Jeff Strand's "The Bad Candy House"

Can you believe it’s been three months since a new Dreadtime Story found its way onto our pages? After the big switchover to our spiffy new site, I just didn’t have the time to get them done the way I wanted to, but that’s all come to an end now!

Evilshop Stocked With Leisure Horror!

Remember the great news we gave you recently about our deal struck with Leisure Books to sell their mass market horror novels through Evilshop (“Leisure Coming to Evilshop!” – November 2007)? Well, today I’m happy to announce that over 100 great horror novels are officially in stock!

Mist DVD Specs Revealed

The Weinstein Company has finally released the specs for the March 25th DVD bow of The Mist (review), one of the best received horror movies in recent memory. Both a two-disc collector’s edition and a single-disc edition will be streeting on the 25th.

X-Files Monster Pic!

I didn’t want to care about the new X-Files movie, no matter how many people told me “but, it’s got monsters”; I just didn’t want to care. Mainly because I never liked the show (please hold the stoning until after the article) and the whole thing smacks of desperation on the part of once-wunderkind Chris Carter.

Death Note Composer Back for L

It’s too bad U.S. audiences haven’t gotten a chance to see the Death Note movies yet; while they’re certainly not straightforward horror movies, they are very cool manga adaptations and offer an alternative to those who are sick to death of typical “J-horror”.

Born of Earth & Hungry for Baldwin

Fangoria got word on a new creature feature from The Skeleton Factory (what a name for a production company!) that recently wrapped shooting entitled Born of Earth starring celebrity rehabber Daniel Baldwin, James Russo and the ever eccentric Brad Dourif. Here's the plot synopsis:

PS2 0rigins

Believe it or not, PS2 games are still coming out at a pretty healthy pace, and Konami just sent along word that the rather brilliant Silent Hill 0rigins (review) is heading to the PS2.

Paul Thomas Does Horror?

Some interesting news cropped up today that could very well replace Kevin Smith’s Red State as the most anticipated horror movie done by a non-horror director.

Physics in the Dark

While you may have heard in the news that Atari is in financial trouble, its parent company isn’t, and while Alone in the Dark still carries the Atari brand, it’s being made by Eden Games and appears to be rolling along quite nicely and still set for release, albeit it without a firm date right now.

Dinner for Fiends: Fields of Clover

Hype, hype, and more hype. Seems like that’s all Hollywood knows how to do these days in order to try and guarantee a big box office return for the coveted opening weekend. But what happens when a film actually lives up to the hype and winds up #1 at the box office?

Shrooms DVD Specs, Art

Though I’m still waiting for word from the masses as to whether or not Shrooms is worth checking out, the premise has me in for at least a curiosity viewing.