7 Deadly Sinns: Bad Done Right

Nothing beats a well done bad guy. Evil wrongdoers have the potential of being some of the most effective and memorable characters in film. A truly worthy and ill-intentioned presence has an almost preternatural ability to change the very air pressure in a room; temperatures are higher, or colder, and things that should be familiar may seem out of place and not quite right.

Fringe Set for Fox

Though it’s not exactly news, since it was mentioned in the first story we did on the show, Variety included Fox’s “pickup” of JJ Abrams’ new show, “Fringe”, in an article today about recent network acquisitions. The show is about an FBI agent working with an institutionalized scientist when a rash of weird shit starts going down. In layman’s terms.

Mother of Tears U.S. Site Opens

Though early word on the film has been mixed at best, that shouldn’t stop us from getting excited about finally seeing some U.S. love for Dario Argento’s Mother of Tears (review), should it? No freakin’ way!

Henkel Preps a New TCM?

It’s been a while since anyone’s been talking about Texas Chainsaw Massacre, since the last thing that came our way tended to underwhelm and no plans for anything new have been in place. Then Fangoria talked to Kim Henkel, writer of the Tobe Hooper original, who gave them the word that he’s working on a new Leatherface adventure.

Video Dread Exclusive: Green & Solet Update Us on Grace!

Now this is just too badass for words. Nevertheless, I will try to find some that will work ... Adam Green recorded a video update from the set of Paul Solet’s Grace just for Dread Central readers! Watch as Adam races around set with superhuman speed to find the director, then gets him chatting about the challenges of making a feature length film from a short!

New Threads at the EvilShop!

Mother's Day is just a few days away; what have you gotten for the woman who exploded you into the world in a violent spray of blood and other assorted bits? Slacking, eh? Or perhaps she's "resting" in the basement?

Pussycats and Devil Dolls at the Vista!

Mondo Celluloid will be bringing Russ Meyer's Faster Pussy Cat! Kill! Kill! to LA's Vista theatre this Saturday, May 10th! Not only can you catch this classic flick, but a clip from Jonathan Lewis' exploitation pic Black Devil Doll will be screened as well!

Shock Festival Gets a Boost of Butane!

Yesterday we got to see what my poster looked like, so today Stephen Romano decide to unleash another one. This time the star of the show is our own Johnny Butane! I must say he's looking far better here than he does in person!

Darko Gets Sequelized

Though it’s hard to put Donnie Darko in the “horror” category, I think it’s bizarre enough to have a place in most of your hearts anyway. And when there’s a place in your heart for an original that means you don’t need to make much room to question a pointless sequel.

Closet Space Helmer's Latest Gets a Bannister

I know most of you have not seen Closet Space (review) yet, and for that I’m sorry. As indie movies go, it’s one of the best ones out there right now, as is evident by its recent inclusion in this years RioFan festival, going down in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil.

Exclusive Clip From The Strangers!

On May 30th, 2008, we’ll finally get a chance to allow our eyeballs to feast on The Strangers, the home invasion movie starring Liv Tyler and Scott Speedman. The film has been delayed various times for multiple reasons, so personally I’m just glad it’s finally getting out in theaters!

First Tokyo Gore Police Poster

Those sickos over at Kaiju Shakedown just got their hands on the first teaser poster for Yoshihiro Nishimura’s Tokyo Gore Police, the insane looking film we showed you footage from a few weeks back.

Lionsgate Makes Deal With the Devil

Though it sounds more like a psychosocial headfuck than solid horror, its still worth mentioning that Lionsgate has picked up the rights to Deal With the Devil, the Allias Entertainment comic written by Mike S. Miller according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Quaid, Foster on Alvart's Pandorum

Imagine this scenario: You wake up, unsure of who you are or what has happened. Slowly you come to the realization that not only are you not where you fell asleep, you’re actually in a spaceship hurtling through the stars. And then you get around to finding something that may threaten mankind as a whole, just to make matter more interesting. Welcome to Pandorum.

Verbinski Helms BioShock Film!

Variety has learned that Pirates of the Caribbean/The Ring helmer Gore Verbinski has been brought on board by Universal to direct BioShock (review), the film based on the incredibly good and incredibly original Xbox 360 game that was released last year and won the hearts of fans across the world almost immediatel