Exclusive: A Whole Lotta Niles

Johnny Butane just reported in from this weekend's Fangoria Weekend of Horrors in Secaucus, NJ, with some good news for Steve Niles fans regarding putting more of Niles' comics onto celluloid. First

Can Pirates Plunder Our Genre?

Low budget pirate-themed horror movies suddenly became a niche subgenre following the release of the Pirates of the Caribbean flicks. They've also been almost all universally terrible. Now another wil

Red Concrete in the City

I am amazed that out of all the reviews I've done for Dread Central, not a single one has been for a book. That probably is because I am, in fact, illiterate. Shhh ... don't tell anyone. I use a speec

FrightFest Schedule Unleashed!

Wankers. That’s all I have to say about the people who got Joe Lynch’s Wrong Turn 2, a movie we’ve been waiting to see for almost a year now, into this year’s FrightFest. I bet it’s Tony Blair’s f

Test Footage for The Clearing

Sometimes a film comes out of seemingly nowhere and just really grabs my attention, and damnit I love it when that happens. Today the film is The Clearing, coming to us soon from Texas director Da

30 Day Shorts Details

Someone I know has seen 30 Days of Night, a rough cut of it anyway, and said it kicks major ass and is completely worthy of the title it is adapted from. That is a great relief to me because if the flick ended up sucking (pun intended), I would be even more disenchanted than usual.

Searchlight Gets Near Death

Fox Searchlight is moving on a new project from Carter Blanchard, who wrote a few episodes of the underrated show “Good Vs. Evil” as well as The Immortals for Universal Pictures, according to The Holl

Diaz Joins The Box

Things are finally moving on the long-gestating Richard Kelly film, The Box, based on the Richard Matheson short story "Button, Button". How do I know this? The trades told me so!

It's Halloween for Haig!

As if there weren't enough reasons to be excited about Rob Zombie's Halloween, another genre superstar has joined the cast -- Sid Fuckin' Haig! Haig has just been added to the cast as a cemetery ca

Horror in Real Time

Today we received a heads up from a friend of the site, a writer by the name of Michael Kennedy, regarding a script he’s penned that's currently being shopped among studios like Lionsgate, Dimension a

Host Snatches Some New Artwork

Not too long we told you about the ballsy Asian horror movie The Host (review) pulling out all the stops by jumping on every available DVD format right here. Though the news about the film having four different releases come July 24th is old, the cover art for the discs is not. Here is a rundown of what you will be able to find on each disc type:

Another Chance to See Wizard

Seems like more people wanted to see Jeremy Kasten’s redux of Wizard of Gore than even the man himself suspected, as they’ve added an additional screening of the film since the first two sold out.

Nightmare Alley Gets Weapons

This weekend the world's deadliest horror variety show, Nightmare Alley, collides with the lethal Weapons of Mosh Destruction tour. Featuring some of my favorite bands, Engorged, F.K.U. (Freddy Kruege


We just got word today that DVD distributor THINKFilm has recently announced a new film, GAG, that may be in the same vein as Saw. To be released on DVD October 23, GAG follows two professional thieve

Leslie Vernon's Hatchet Surprise

I cannot stress this enough ... join the Hatchet Army, make sure the film makes it to a theatre near you and for God's sake go see the damn thing! We hear the bitching all the time about PG-13 horror