Just What is Bloody Valentine's Plot?

So, what will Lionsgate's remake of My Bloody Valentine be about? We got in the lengthy synopsis today!

Rymer to Helm Witchblade Adaptation

Remember back in the day when comic book remakes were more dreaded than welcomed: Captain America with his latex ears and Batman & Robin with their nipples or "Biff! Bang! Booms!" We were already burnt once by a live action Witchblade, can someone ... anyone do better?

Paintball Pics Surface

Aullidos got in a batch of pics from Daniel Benmayor's horror flick Paintball. There aren't any spoiler images so feel free to gander all ya want. Who knew the a sport where you just shot other people with balls of paint could look so serious. Those bastards are packing some serious heat!

Own a Piece of the Killer Klowns!

As a long time prop collector, builder and seller, I am always on the lookout for unique pieces to add to my vault. Usually you'd see one or two items from an obscure/cult flick appear every once in a while, but right now there are quite a few props for sale from a certain movie involving alien jesters!

X-Files International Trailer Returns

A few days ago an international trailer for the upcoming X-Files: I Want to Believe feature appeared on the giant series of tubes known as the interwebs. It was promptly taken down, but has since resurfaced on YouTube. Perhaps this time it will stick around longer than an hour.

First Look at Cannibal Movie Devoured & My New Winter's Coat!

During my time on the set of Plague Town a few months back, I got to chatting with the special effects coordinator Tate Steinsiek. If you ever hit a set, always be sure to make friends with the bloodslingers, they are the coolest, friendliest and usually have the best stories to tell. That’s free advice from me to you.

Fearnet's New 30 Days of Night Story

Before 30 Days of Night came out, Return to House on Haunted Hill helmer Victor Garcia directed a prequel series to the film called 30 Days of Night: Blood Trails that you could only find on the Comcast On Demand channel Fearnet.

New Transsiberian Trailer

Brad Anderson’s next exercise in slow pacing and dramatic tension, Transsiberian (review), will be getting a limited theatrical release here in the states come July 15th.

DePalma Signs for Boston Stranglers Film

Likely hoping to hit the same level of critical success he had with The Black Dahlia, THR reports that Brian DePalma has signed on to direct The Boston Stranglers (note the plurality), and adaptation of Susan Kelly’s Boston Stranglers: The Public Conviction of Albert DeSalvo and the True Story o

I Spit on Your Remake

Ever since Platinum Dunes decided to remake The Texas Chain Saw Massacre, nothing really surprises me anymore as far as remakes are concerned. Faces of Death, I will admit, was really the last one that made my head turn ... until this morning.

Chemical Wedding in NYC!

Attention East Coasters! The Two Boots Pioneer Theater, located at 155 East 3rd St and Avenue A in New York City, has just announced a badass screening of Julian Doyle’s Chemical Wedding, with a very special guest in attendance!

Sickness, Health and Fear Itself in June!

NBC's horror anthology Fear Itself kicks off in just a couple of days, and in all honesty I hope it does well for the sake of the horror genre. Without boobs and extreme violence to rely on, there's a good chance decent stories may actually be conjured up.

Devil's Due Revives Classic Halloween

Thirty years have passed since a certain killer donned a William Shatner mask and started hunting down young people in Haddonfield. A number of sequels and one remake later, fans still want more of the classic than anything else. They're gonna get it.

*UPDATED!* Family Pic From House of the Devil!

I really can’t wait for Ti West’s House of the Devil; it just sounds like so much damn Satanic fun, which you have to admit is the best kind.

Dinner for Fiends: The Strangeness

There are times I try to fool myself and pretend you guys listen to Dinner for Fiends for our insightful commentary on the latest and greatest in horror happenings. Deep down inside, though, I know it's because we're just fucking strange.