FEARnet Fears Itself!

I have absolutely no idea why I even pay for cable since I never have time to watch it, but this writer may have to make an exception when NBC airs the reincarnation of Masters of Horror known as "Fear Itself" this summer ... or maybe not.

*UPDATE* Signal, Diary, and Two Eyes on DVD

UPDATE: Ah! I was off. The two-disc set isn't going to use some sort of ocular play on words to help push the DVD. Fangoria just put up the artwork for the upcoming release (seen to the right) and the new art for The Eye 3.

Dead Fury Premiere Set!

If you haven’t yet checked out Frank Sudol’s City of Rott (review), you really don’t know what you're missing. I won’t tell you about it now; just check out the review and see what I mean.

The Devil Wants Women for Pies

Devils, pies, sorority girls, murder and Tiffany Shepis... Ah, it sounds like the ultimate fantasy for yours truly. But wait, this is a reality thanks to her new partnership (Nightmare Works SKG) with Rolfe Kanefsky and Esther Goodstein.

The Grand Horror Comes Home!

It’s always annoying for us in this business when we see a really cool indie film and have no way of telling you guys how to enjoy it as well. Such is not the case for The Grand Horror (review), however, because its creators have finally gotten it onto DVD. Rejoice!

Exclusive Details on Sullivan's Clowns!

You may recall that a few months back we did a story about Tim Sullivan (2001 Maniacs, Driftwood) making first mention of a new film he was working on called Clowns ("Sullivan Talks Clowns, Blood” – December 2007).

Fear Fest Video: Gris Grimly's Riot!

I know it’s been a while since Fear Fest, but most of us had the shit beaten out of us at the show (well worth it), and it took us a while to recover. Here is some evidence of that recovery: the first of a few on-camera interviews conducted by Clint McCrocklin, a good friend of the site.

DVD Releases: Sweeney's Swamp Thing Prom Night

No joke, these are the horror DVDs you'll be able to purchase come Tuesday, April 1st, 2008...

Thirst, Bones & Gothic Updates!

Fangoria Radio got to chatting with Masters of Horror creator Mick Garris the other night, who revealed, unsurprisingly, that he is off to do Stephen King’s Bag of Bones as his next film according to Fango. The story is about an author who retreats to his lake house in order to try writing again after the loss of his wife.

Waz Director Enters The Day

I’ve not seen the horror film Waz yet, but I’ve heard a lot of good things about it over the last year or so. Dimension has its hands on it and is hopefully making a plan for its release as we speak.

Mezco's Fear-Filled Lineup

Back during the annual Toy Fair, Mezco made some pretty cool announcements about their upcoming Cinema of Fear lineup, but not many pics of the actual figures were available. That’s because most are still in the prototype stage right now and awaiting approval.

Young Hopper Cast in Craven's Next

The cast for Wes Craven’s next horror venture,25/8, is beginning to take shape according to The Hollywood Reporter, and finally we have a bit of plot we can work with.

Event Report: Salute to Supernatural - LA, 2008

Numerous sci-fi TV shows have been given their own conventions, but the same can't be said for their horror cousins.

New Jason Named!

Looks like the news we’ve all been waiting for has finally broke; the identity of the new Jason Voorhees for the Friday the 13th remake that’s on its way form Platinum Dunes (it’ll be gritty!)

Help Get Fright Night an SE!

I don’t necessarily know that these online petitions for special edition DVDs work, but they sure can’t hurt. The one thing that prevents a studio from putting out re-released SE’s of any DVD is their concern no one’ll buy it, so if they see fans clamoring for an SE of, for example, Fright Night, maybe they’ll finally make it happen.