*UPDATED!* Family Pic From House of the Devil!

I really can’t wait for Ti West’s House of the Devil; it just sounds like so much damn Satanic fun, which you have to admit is the best kind.

Dinner for Fiends: The Strangeness

There are times I try to fool myself and pretend you guys listen to Dinner for Fiends for our insightful commentary on the latest and greatest in horror happenings. Deep down inside, though, I know it's because we're just fucking strange.

Lonely Joe Premiere Date Set

Now that post-production has wrapped on the indie film from Emmemax Films, Lonely Joe, it’s about time for the movie to be seen by the masses, don’t you think? To judge it as only an objective audience can?

Russell on Saw V Status

I can’t deny that I’m pretty excited to see what first-time director David Hackl does with his first entry in the Saw series, Saw V. I really enjoyed the fourth one a lot more than the rest, and I hope that's an indication of a series upswing.

Behind-the-Scenes of Twilight

Ah, yes! Cute kids! Bare branches! Wire work! You can just smell the happiness in the air when it comes to the cotton candy sweetness that is the upcoming slice of teeny-bopper horror Twilight.

The Signal on DVD Winners Announced!

Do you have the crazy? No? Believe you me, you WANT the crazy! The Signal still remains on many fans' top films of the year list and with good reason -- it kicks ass! Know what that means right? Time to give away stuff!

Zombies to Overrun Harvard!

Warran Zide, the producer behind most of the American Pie films and the first three Final Destination flicks, has decided to mix his experience with the horror and comedy genres into one pot to create --wait for it-- the Harvard Zombie Massacre!

Quarantine Gets Rated

If you saw The Strangers (review) this past week, there's a good chance the trailer for REC's American remake played before the feature presentation. Up until now the film's rating was still in limbo.

Resident Evil 5 Media Blowout

So real you can smell it ... Over the weekend Capcom released another new Resident Evil 5 trailer, which you can check out below, and this one shows a lot of gameplay. In other words, yes, this is really what the game looks like.

The Original Lost Boys are Blu

Now that the hi-def format war is over, we can all rest easy and give in to the Blu-ray overlords. For our loyalty they will shower us with gifts of fried gold and sax men!

Otis Goes to the Big Screen Thursday!

Otis (review), Tony Krantz's heart touching tale of a psychotic man named Otis and his quest for love ... and dismemberment ... will be hitting store shelves on June 10th, but you have a chance to see it on the big screen before that!

Fringe Trailer Found!

Now this is what I’m talking about! I knew JJ Abrams new show, "Fringe", would be something cool, but I didn’t hope it’d be as cool as this trailer makes it look. Arrow in the Head got their diseased hands on it today and we’re sharing it with you (we’ll wear gloves, though). Check it out below!

Death Note Getting the Remake Treatment

I guess it was inevitable that a remake of the popular Japanese film Death Note (review) would happen; even more inevitable that Vertigo Films would be involved. So color me unsurprised on all counts!

Shock Festival Week 4 Winner!

Steve Romano just turned in this week's winning entry in our ongoing Shock Festival contest and I gotta say; this is my favorite one so far!