ID Proxy Rolls in July

Seeing as how I usually handle a lot of the indie flicks that crawl around our genre, it's my duty to keep you all informed on what is coming down the low budget tubes.

Jack Brooks: Canada Slayer

Fangoria got the skinny on when Jack Brooks: Monster Slayer would be available for North American audiences. Sadly, the locations listed are only in Canada, but a big turn will hopefully push the screenings into the States.

New Site for Punching Donkeys!

The official site for Oliver Blackburn's murderous boating holiday, Donkey Punch, just opened up. What lies within could contain spoilers, but brave adventurers into the open sea will find new videos, pics, music and even free merchandise!

Barbie's Gone to The Birds

How ironic that the first I hear about a new Barbie doll based on Tippi Hedren's character in the classic The Birds comes from gossip site Defamer of all places.

Death Note DVD Gets a Date

It’s a slim bit of news, but noteworthy all the same; Viz Media has announced a September 16th, 2008 DVD release date for Death Note (review). Viz was behind the film’s limited theatrical run we told you about a while back as well, which put a dubbed (gack) version of the film out to the masses for a weekend.

Brolin Set to Escape From New York?

Strangely enough, I could see Josh Brolin doing well as Snake Plissken. I mean, in a world where we just have to accept that yes, they are remaking Escape From New York, Brolin’s certainly not the worst choice to don the eyepatch.

A Story of Trolls and Lohans

Seeing that Hollywood has jumped on the fantasy bandwagon (after Peter Jackson made it ultra profitable), it does not surprise me that Troll is up on the remake block. Looking back on the original, it wasn't all that bad ... in comparison to the sequel.

Max Thieriot Shares 25/8 Plot Details

The star of Wes Craven's latest horror jaunt, Max Thieriot, spoke recently with STYD, where he cleared up what first appeared to be a very muddled plot of the upcoming 25/8.

Meet the Faces of Death this October!

For older horror fans who remember sneaking behind the "special curtain" at the local video joint to see Death staring back at us, it is a special memory. Oh, the number of times I got beaten for sneaking Faces of Death home.

We've Got True Blood & Pics!

We've been all over HBO's "True Blood" - the new vampire series from "Six Feet Under" creator Alan Ball - ever since it was first announced.

Check out the Mirrors Poster!

The glorious bastards over at STYD got the first look at the poster for Alexandre Aja’s Mirrors, a teasing chunk of you can see on your right. Click it to be whisked away to STYD-land for a look at the entire thing.

Exclusive Look at Death Walks the Streets #0!

James Zahn, the mastermind behind the forever-in-development monster mashup Death Walks the Streets, just dropped us a line with your first look at issue #0 of the

Descent 2 Behind the Scenes Footage

Just got a heads up from a reader that YouTube's hosting a very cool behind-the-scenes news report from the set of The Descent 2, which will be wrapping up its shoot sometime this week. Its focus is on the studio they were using for the sequel, but there’s a lot of great footage of Crawlers and a very dirty Shauna MacDonald. Check it out below, and keep your eyeballs peeled for our Descent 2 set report very soon!

First Details on Hellbound: Hellraiser 2 SE DVD!

Recently Uncle Creepy got to sit down for an extended chat with Michael Felsher, the man behind Red Shirt Pictures. If neither name is familiar to you, pop in your 20th Anniversary DVD of Hellraiser or your Monster Squad disc; pretty much all the kickass features on those DVDs were done by Mike and Red Shirt.

First Word on NZ Creature Flick Amatu

It seems like it’s been a long time since we had a good creature feature, no? I really can’t remember the last one, but then I’ve only had one cup of coffee so far ... Twitch Film got word of a new monster movie coming from New Zealand that definitely sounds like it’s worth keeping one eye on.