AvP: Requiem DVD Art, Date

Fox Home Entertainment has announced a street date of April 15th, 2008, for the DVD of Aliens Vs. Predator: Requiem (review), the little sequel that almost could.

Dead Rising Vs. Dawn of the Dead

It's been a long time coming. It's something I expected to happen a while ago, but Capcom's zombie epic has finally caught the attention of the MKR group (those that own the copyright to Romero's Dead films) and New Line Cinema, and they appear to be very close to taking legal action.

Midnight Man Rolls, First Casting

An interesting bit of news came down our way via e-mail yesterday regarding The Midnight Man, the directorial debut of Feast co-writer Marcus Dunstan, which we last updated you on back here.

Tons of Gallowwalker Stills Online

Even though the official site for the Wesley Snipes zombie movie Gallowwalker has been online for months, it was only recently that a very small link appeared on it called “Gallowwalker production stills”. You’ll never guess what’s found if you click on it...

Hellboy Gets Mugged

If there's one thing I wish stores like Target and such would carry more of, it'd be Hellboy stuff. I guess everyone's afraid that junior may see the word "Hell" and start saying it around the house, but parents are cool with those little prosti-tot dolls called Bratz...

Video Dread: Two New Diary of the Dead Clips!

Dead heads start your engines! Romero's latest zombie opus hits theatres this Friday, and to celebrate we've got our bloody little claws on some clips from the film! Where will you be when the end begins? Hopefully getting your ass to the theatres to check this one out!

Video Dread: Zero the Counter

Patrck Rea ("Torture Porn") and his merry band of sickos at SenoReality Pictures have another dose of short form horror ready for your perusal! Kick back, turn down the lights, and grab your popcorn!

Exclusive Pics: Dead Fury

Just a few short days ago we made you aware of Franks Sudol's entry in the Diary of the Dead short film contest ("Frank Sudol's Diary Entry" - February 2008), but the creative genius behind one of the most badass animated zombie romps, City of Rott (review here), is back with some exclusive new screen shots from his upcoming feature, Dead Fury!

Bowen Residing in The House of the Devil

Probably one of the best interviews I’ve ever done, not because I was exceptionally good but my subject was, was with The Signal star A.J. Bowen (hear it here!). I want nothing but the best for the bearded badass, so the news that he’ll be appearing in Ti West’s The House of the Devil fills me with joy.

Six Fear Itself Directors Named

With the writer’s strike officially over (what a relief that is, lemme tell ya), you can expect more and more massive updates like this on long-standing projects, in this case Fear Itself.

Brand New Fear Fest TV Spot!

Only a few weeks left until death and debauchery descend upon Dallas, TX; I refer of course to the 2nd annual Fear Fest, going down March 7th-9th, 2008!

Site Updates Big & Small!

Well, it’s been a stupid long time coming, but we’ve finally added the option for you guys to write your own reviews to the movies you see reviewed here on Dread Central!

Exclusive: Judd Nelson in Talks for Howl!

It’s been a while since much has been said about the upcoming werewolf flick Howl, but that doesn’t mean we’ve not been keeping our ears perked to hear more about it.

Raw Feed's Otis Trailer

The sickos over at IGN got their paws on the first trailer for Otis, the new horror movie that will be the first in a new wave from Warner Bros.’ Raw Feed banner. The story is about a teenager who escapes the grips of the titular serial killer and her parents, eager to get revenge, decide to take justice in their own hands.

Bettany Joins the Legion

The trades are reporting this morning that Paul (The Da Vinci Code) Bettany has signed on to star in the Screen Gems thriller Legion, the feature directing debut of visual effects house Orphanage co-founder Scott Stewart, who also penned the script with Peter Schink.