Valentine Redux Finds a King

Though one has to question the necessity of a My Bloody Valentine redux, especially one shot in 3D, I doubt anyone would argue that the casting of Jaime (Sin City) King is a good idea, if nothing else because she's so very easy on the eyes.

Summit Starts the Countdown

This morning The Hollywoood Reporter has a story that, continuing the recent trend set up by Richard Kelly’s adaptation of The Box for the big screen, Summit Entertainment has begun work on another “Twilight Zone” tale to be translated to film: Countdown.

Dinner for Fiends: The 4th Wall Drinking Game!

It's time for another edition of Dinner For Fiends, a rather intimate edition, almost a Foycast with a special guest, as this DFF consisted solely of myself (The Foywonder, duh!), the ever salty Uncle Creepy, and "Mr. 4th Wall" Andrew Kasch. Everyone else was either sick or MIA the day we recorded the show.

Reminder: LA Salutes Supernatural This Weekend!

Still trying to decide if the upcoming Salute to Supernatural we told you about a few weeks ago ("Salute to Supernatural Coming to LA" – March 2008) fits into your schedule?

'Zine Review: Rue Morgue #76

Issue# 76 March 2008 All right, this one’s a bit late and for that I apologize, but I’ve been hella sick since returning from Fear Fest and am behind on everything. No matter, it’s always nice to have a Rue Morgue to curl up with when I’m feelin’ ill.

Reeves Buries Constantine

Bad news came down this weekend for anyone who was looking forward to a follow-up to Constantine (review), the big screen adaptation of DC/Vertigo's "Hellblazer" comic. Well, it's bad news for people who wanted to see Keanu Reeves in the lead role at least.

Zombies Anonymous Box Art Revealed

Just a few days ago we told you about zombie opus Zombies Anonymous (formerly known as Last Rites of the Dead) finally getting a distribution deal ("Last Rites Gets Distro and a New Name” – March 2008).

DVD Releases: Play Misty

The DVDs you'll be able to make your own on Tuesday, March 25th include...

Meat Train Delayed at the Station

Damn does this news piss me off. Various sources across the industry and the ‘net are reporting that Ryuhei Kitamura’s Midnight Meat Train won’t be pulling into the theatrical station on May 16th as Lionsgate originally planned.

Dead Space Gets Animated

First there’s going to be a Dead Space comic that Image is putting out sometime later this year. Then, according to Variety this morning, there will be a Dead Space animated feature that will pickup where the comic leaves off. Finally, the actual Dead Space videogame is due out on November 30th.

Five Get to Bleeding

When a company called Indifferent Entertainment is making a film, is it wrong that it should bother me? I mean, it’s just a name ... right?

Creature Triple Feature Sawa, Wawa & Hydra

Got three quick monster movie news items for you today; one that stars Devon Sawa, another featuring a creature called the Wawa, and the last about the legendary Hydra. It’s almost lyrical sounding.

Gurdian Readyin' to Raise Hell

It's Easter Sunday; how about a little hellacious movie news to help celebrate the Risen Christ? First-time writer/director Timothy W. White is set to burst open the gates of hell and unleash Gurdian upon us. If only there were some emotionally scarred misfits and a guy who knows kung fu to stop it?

Marvel to Adapt The Stand?

Last year’s New York Comic Con featured a great public appearance by Stephen King, a hero of mine since my younger days. I wrote all about the appearance after the show (read it here), and one of the coolest bits of news that came from it was that Marvel was discussing a comic adaptation of King’s seminal end-of-the world epic, The Stand.

Haig on Superbeasto & Spider Baby Redux

There's so very much that can be said about Sid Haig. Here's a guy with a career that most actors only dream about. I mean come on, he's worked with everyone from the great Lon Chaney, Jr. to Rob Zombie. Speaking of which ...