Colin's Undead and Kickin'

Nowhere Fast Productions let us know today that they're putting the finishing touches on a low budget zombie pic called Colin. The film's title character is bitten by the walkin dead, and throughout the movie we follow him as he wanders around suburbia as a flesh-eating deader. Check out the trailer for the project below, and many more clips can be found at the production company's MySpace page.

Full P2 Disc Details

Summit Entertainment just sent out a heads-up about the upcoming DVD release of P2 (review), which we gave you the first info on last month.

MGM Gives Pathology April Date

Finally, MGM has figured out what they’re going to do with Pathology (set visit preview), the medical horror/thriller that’s been kicked and punched by the studio for months trying to find a release date for it.

Grizzly Park DVD Date?

We here at Dread Central have been following the progress of the gore-soaked bear massacre flick Grizzly Park for awhile now. For those that missed out on the previous stories, Grizzly Park was co-produced by CHUD.com's Nick Nunziata, directed by the awesomely named Tom Skull, and stars "24"'s Glen Morshower as a character known as "Ranger Bob".

Final Destination 4 Cast Set

Word came down via Variety today that the cast for David Ellis’ Final Destination 4 has been chosen, with shooting set to start in New Orleans next month. The sequel, you may recall, will be filmed in 3-D.

Weaving for Wolfman

Another very interesting name has joined the cast of Universal’s upcoming remake of The Wolfman according to today’s Variety: former Smith and Elf King Hugo Weaving.

Get Your Spooks and Spirals Signed

By now we're pretty sure you've heard all about Ryan Schifrin's comic book Spooks. If you haven't already, well then this is the best time to find out!

Music to Rage By!

I know what you're thinking on that long commute back and forth to work. Something like, "Man, I really wish I had some good old fashioned horror music that could remind me of the orgy of violence that was Robert Kurtzman's, The Rage (review here) stored on my MP3 player!"

First Lost Boys 2 Pic

Whether you're looking forward to it or not, Lost Boys 2 will be coming at you this summer.

Red Band Ruins

In case you guys missed it, the official site for Carter Smith’s adaptation of Scott Smith’s The Ruins (book review) has been updated with a brand-spanking new “red band” trailer, which means you gotta be 17 to see it. Cause you know how immature those 16 year olds are ...

Selick and Gaiman's Coraline Trailer

Director Henry Selick is bringing Neil Gaiman's Coraline (script review) to the big screen and in stop-motion! The Nightmare Before Christmas director is certainly showing that he can still create spooky and fluid animated features as we saw in the pic's new trailer. Coraline is looking to bring us something that should please horror fans in 2009.

Dark Delicacies Hosts Dexter/Hellraiser Signing

What or who, you might ask, do TV's "Dexter" and the Hellraiser series have in common? Composer Daniel Licht, that's who! And on March 1st, if you live in Southern California, you'll have a chance to meet him in person.

Edges of Darkness Complete!

Way back last year was the last time we had any news on Jason Horton's zombie anthology, Edges of Darkness. We knew that the film had entered post production, but the trail went cold after that (“Edges of Darkness Tease Us” – June 2007). Then out of nowhere came an e-mail from the director himself with an exciting update.

Help Kincaid Fight the Good Fight!

In case you missed our interview with him, Ken "Kincaid" Sagoes of Nightmare on Elm Street 3 & 4 is out to help inner city kids via the Giving Back Foundation and by participating in the L.A. Marathon on March 2nd. You can help too, ya know?

First Look at Alone in the Dark II

The first image from Michael Roesch and Peter Scheerer’s Alone in the Dark II found its way into the clawed hands of the Fangoria fiends today, a sample of which you can see on your right.