Hellboy 2 Wins, First DVD News!

I bet Universal’s pretty happy with itself right now for stepping in when Sony couldn’t be bothered with the Hellboy franchise. Guillermo del Toro’s Hellboy II: The Golden Army (review) kicked some serious ass at the box office this weekend, to the tune of $35.9 million.

Exclusive: Offspring Before Off Season Confirmed!

When we last reported that Andrew van den Houten, producer of The Girl Next Door and director of Headspace, was set to start filming Jack Ketchum's Offspring

Fantasia 2008: Day 10

The second Saturday of the festival brought us the much hyped teen slasher, All the Boys Love Mandy Lane, Korea’s answer to Guinea Pig, The Butcher, the crap cauldron witch movie that is Wicked Lake

J-Horror End Call Teaser

Did you know the devil had a cell phone? I can’t imagine why you would think otherwise; they are a tool of evil for most. But did you know if you call his cell phone at midnight, he will grant your wish? Yep. The only catch is he controls your life for the duration of the call.

Muther Video Returns!

We just got some interesting news in from Bloodsuckers From Outer Space (review) director Glen Coburn. A familiar face from the 1980s has come out of retirement to entertain the masses via YouTube!

Fantasia 2008: Day 9

I’m baaaack. Not since four years ago, the first time we started the Fantasia blog has anyone had to do the coverage solo, so props to McCannibal for keeping the train rolling last week. It’s a tough job fitting in two, three, and sometimes four films a day, choking down a grease laden meal, drinking the skuzzy yeasty swill that is all you can get after leeching a beer ticket or two off of Mitch, and heading home at midnight to start writing.

Art & Release Date for Dead Space Prequel

We first gave you guys word that EA Games and Starz Media were teaming up to make an animated prequel to Dead Space a few months back (“Dead Space Gets Animated” - March 2008). At the time specifics were sketchy at best, but finally we have a bit more to share!

Artist Gris Grimly Helps WM3 Cause

The multi-talented Gris Grimly, aka the Mad Creator, recently sent over an email with details about some of his latest projects.

The Weekly Wrap-Up: July 5-11, 2008

So, Dread's two-year anniversary got me to thinking ...

Exclusive: Ketchum's Offspring to Roll Soon!

Our man Evil Andy is busting his ass at Fantasia right now. However, he did take a brief moment to drop us a line about the forthcoming adaptation of Jack Ketchum's Offspring (review).

Far Beyond a Double Dip!

Grindhouse Releasing is set to bring Lucio Fulci's out-of-print The Beyond back to horror fans with a far from plain DVD.

Chiller TV Wants Your Films!

NBC's horror and thriller based channel, Chiller TV, has announced the second annual Dare to Direct contest! Are you ready to win $5,000 and get a crack at being discovered by Hollywood?

ZombieFest 2008 Goes Free!

You've all seen the photos in our gallery of folks having a great time and hobnobbing with the stars at conventions. Most of them come with a pretty hefty price tag. Usually convention-goers can expect to pay between $20 and $45 for a weekend filled with vendors, celebs, panels, etc.

Outlander Trailer Lands!

Our friends over at Quiet Earth pointed us in the direction of the first trailer for Outlander, the sci-fi/horror flick by Howard McCain. A spacecraft has crashed on Earth in the year 709 AD, and the monster it is carrying has been unleashed on the population of Norway. Vikings don't take kindly to this invader!

Get Summer Scars in September

We just got word in that Julian Richards' award winning Summer Scars has been picked up for distribution via Danger After Dark!