U.S. Death Note Trailer Online!

The live-action version of the manga Death Note (review) has been around for a couple years now, but where's the American love?

Exclusive Stills from Jessicka Rabid!

If you abuse someone for their entire life, wouldn’t you expect them to become a monster? Not in the literal sense, though that would be cool, but in terms of their dealings with the rest of humanity? Sadly, the sickos who raised Jessicka Rabid didn’t see that logic. Now, after years of abuse and being treated like an animal, Jessicka is getting her revenge.

Nightmare Detective 2 Plot Revealed!

As those of you with good taste slowly discover the dark genius of Shinya Tsukamoto’s surreal Nightmare Detective (DVD review) on DVD, post production on the film’s sequel is almost at an end.

Character Breakdown for Drag Me to Hell!

When something like this comes across our virtual desks here at Dread Central, I usually have a moral dilemma regarding what we should do with it. On the one hand, looking at a breakdown of who the characters are in a film can reveal some important spoilers. On the other, when the film is as hush-hush as Raimi’s Drag Me to Hell, it’s our civic responsibility to spread as much info on it as we can... that's how I sleep at night.

Boston Underground Lineup Announced!

I’ve been in Boston for a few years now, but for some reason it seems like I always find out about the cool stuff going down here too late. Well no more! I’m keeping tabs on things in my town now, and because of that I found out that the Boston Underground Film Festival just unleashed this year’s screening schedule.

Dead Space Online

Nothing like zombies in space, you know? I bet that’s where they’ll go with the next Resident Evil movie ... or if they weren’t they will now. Someone in Hollywood is always looking for bad ideas.

Exclusive: Two More Blood Shot Stills!

We showed you the first pics of Michael Bailey Smith as the vampire CIA agent in Blood Shot just the other day ("Michael Bailey Smith in Blood Shot!" - February 2008), and now we’ve got two more exclusive stills to share with you! Blood Shot is the feature debut of Dietrich Johnston and adaptation of his own short film, in which Smith stars as a vampire working for the government, out to take town a terrorist organization bent on screwing up our country!

Sci Fi Channel Movie A Go-Go!

This Saturday night at 9/8 Central (with the usual repeat four hours later) the Sci-Fi Channel will premiere Ogre starring Ginger Snaps' Katherine Isabelle and John Schneider ("Dukes of Hazzard", Lake Placid 2).

IFC Doesn't Fear the Dark

Nightmares are cool. I never get to have them, at least not ones where I’m being chased by a deformed monstrosity or anything cool like that, but I envy those that do. “I can’t watch horror, I get nightmares for weeks” All the better reason to watch if you ask me! IFC agrees!

Lohman Finds a Place in Hell

That was a short wait! Variety reports that not even a week after everyone made a big deal out of Ellen Page leaving Sam Raimi’s return to horror, Drag Me To Hell, already a replacement has been found; Alison Lohman.

Dunes Wants Rosemary's Baby

Is there nothing Platinum Dunes won't toss some grit on? Freddy, Jason, Hitcher, Leatherface ... not one horror icon is safe and now even the seed of Satan may be rolling around in a crib full of grittiness and Nine Inch Nails albums.

First Look at Full Bad Biology Trailer!

Oh, man, have we been waiting for this one! Today we finally got our hands on the finished trailer for Frank (Brain Damage, Basket Case) Henenlotter’s Bad Biology, his return to horror after an 16 year absence!

Halloween Brings 30 Years of Terror

It's hard to believe that 30 years have passed since John Carpenter spawned the masked killer Michael Myers. For three decades the sister murdering maniac has been haunting the silver screen, and for that he deserves one hell of a convention.

Go Postal on May 23rd!

Today we heard from Uwe Boll himself via a very strange and somewhat amusing e-mail declaring that Postal would finally be released theatrically the same day that Indiana Jones is premiering. Does Dr. Boll stand a chance against Dr. Jones? He sure thinks so...

Full Fear Itself Episode Lineup!

I gotta be honest; I lost a lot of interest in the NBC Fear Itself series when I learned Mick Garris was no longer involved. The concept was his to begin with, and even though the results in both seasons of Masters of Horror were questionable, there was still an indie feel to them that I had to respect.