Diary of the Dead Kicks Off RIOFAN!

I am not sure how many readers we have from South America, but RIOFAN (Rio Fantastic Film Festival) is something worth talking about regardless because George A. Romero's Diary of the Dead (review) will be kicking off the film festival in Brazil on April 30th!

Mendoza & MacDonald Return in Descent 2!

The Descent (review), while a great fucking movie, never really struck me as the kind that needed a sequel. The original ending summed everything up nicely. That isn't the case as you can tell since there is indeed a follow-up with Neil Marshall being replaced by Jon Harris in the director's chair.

Dunwich Horror Descends on Providence!

Personally I can’t say if Beyond the Dunwich Horror is going to be a worthwhile Lovecraft adaptation, but the makers sure did get one thing right so far; they commissioned Shock Festival (pre-order it here) author/artist/screenwriter Stephen Romano to make their pos

UPDATE - White's David to Scare '70s Style?

UPDATE: Chris White got into contact with us today and showed us a link to a YouTube video containing storyboards for David! Check it out below the rest of the story.

Last House Cast Come Knocking

Sometimes a remake might not be a bad thing. Sure, we've seen plenty of bad ones, made for really bad reasons, but then there are filmmakers out there that just want to improve on an original and sometimes succeed.

Hills 2 Helmer Now on Clock Tower

Yet another change up in the world of Clock Tower, the movie adaptation of the groundbreaking survival horror game from Capcom, came to light today via Variety.

Exclusive Headless Horseman Clip!

Anthony C. Ferrante’s sophomore directorial effort, Headless Horseman (review), is on DVD stands as you read this, so Ferrante and crew are making sure the horror community knows about it.

The Hobgoblins 2 Trailer You've Been Waiting For!

Grand Theft Auto IV? Iron Man? That new trailer for The Dark Knight? Who cares about any of that crap today when the trailer for the film you've all be waiting for, craving for, begging for, has finally arrived. I am, of course, speaking of Hobgoblins 2!

Barker Talks Dread, New Comics

Phil and Sarah, the incredibly well versed and intelligent owners of the official Clive Barker site, recently sat down with the man himself for their 21st exclusive, extensive interview. If you’ve never read through one of these, I highly recommend it; you really get a feeling for just what a diverse artist Barker really is.

Paramount Gives Blu-Ray Cloverfield Date

Finally we can all stop our complaining, hemming, and hawing because Paramount has announced its initial Blu-Ray lineup, and of course Cloverfield is on it.

CP Remaking Art of the Devil

This should be an interesting remake to follow; anyone who’s seen any of the three Art of the Devil movies know they’re about as disjointed as a series can get, only keeping themes of revenge and black magic across them.

Lark is First Fangoria Spooksmodel!

Can I pick ‘em or can I pick ‘em? As many of you regular Dreadites know, I have been a staunch supporter of one bloody beauty known as Shannon Lark. A horror chanteuse who does it all -- filmmaker, writer, actress, dancer, internet entrepreneur -- this gory gal is one bona fide killer.

Dreadtime Stories: Nate Kenyon's Bloodstone Excerpt!

Nate Kenyon’s debut novel, Bloodstone, finally hits mass market paperback this May thanks to the folks at Leisure Books. This marks something of a milestone for the East Coast author, since it will be the second time his book has seen publication since its inception many years ago.

Crypticon Paints Emerald City Blood Red

Memorial Day weekend, May 23-25, will be bloody good as Crypticon swings into town courtesy of Random Acts Seattle at the Doubletree Inn & Conference Center in Seattle, WA. For three days horror fans and celebrities will have a chance to mix it up here in the Emerald City.

Richards' Summer Scars Gets Distro Deal

Julian (The Last Horror Movie) Richards’ latest horror entry, the coming-of-age thriller Summer Scars, just took home two awards from the BAFTA Cymru Awards and signed an all-rights distribution deal through TLA Films.