Hammer Announces Three New Horrors

A story in Variety regarding Hammer’s upcoming production slate last week must have completely slipped under our radar, but I guess it’s all right that it happen from time to time. We punish ourselves and move on.

First Look at Quarantine Poster

I’ve been hearing some mixed things about John Dowdle's Quarantine recently, but I can’t help but be curious how he pulls of this remake of REC (review), one of the most-loved horror films in recent years.

Coraline and the Future of Laika

Who knew that a guy who built his fortune selling overpriced shoes to kids who could never truly feel accepted unless they had them was also a big geek? Phil Knight, the king of the Nike empire, took over Will Vinton Studios, most known for the California Raisins, and turned it into Laika a few years back, employing his son Travis as one of the lead animators.

Hostel III Happenings

Okay, by a show of hands ... who is ready for more tourists getting sliced up because they meandered into the waiting clutches of foreign psychos? Anyone? Anyone? Bueller? Bueller?

DVD Releases: Dreaming of Cannibal Goddess

Sorry it's so late, folks, but there's lots of horror DVDs to choose from coming your way this Tuesday, June 24th, so I hope you’ve been saving your cash! Cannibal Terror (1980) Directed by Alain Deruelle

Wizard of Gore Conjures Up a DVD

Fangoria got the first look at the box art and details of Jeremy Kasten's remake of The Wizard of Gore (review).

X-Files: I Want to Believe Panel Transcript!

Love it or hate it, The X-Files was a cultural milestone that brought horror back in a big way. Like the rest of America, I went through the mid-Nineties completely addicted and eagerly anticipated the Friday night paranoia of agents Mulder and Scully. But following the departure of writers Glen Morgan & James Wong and the first big screen movie, the show took a creative nosedive and slowly burnt out through season after season of bad story arcs. Now, seven years later, The X-Files: I Want To Believe hopes to reignite the glory days for a whole new generation.

In Sickness & In Health Cast Interview

We just got a heads up about a cast interview that’s online for the next episode of Fear Itself, which is John Landis’ “In Sickness and in Health”. The story follows a bride who, on her wedding day, gets the unfortunate news that her husband-to-be is a serial killer. I wish someone woulda warned me!

First Art for Tyrannosaurus Rex!

We still don’t know what the hell it is, but I will admit that Rob Zombie’s Tyrannosaurus Rex has some very badass teaser art! Zombie updated his MySpace page today with the art you see below, which was done by artist Alex Horley. Though I doubt there'll be any dinosaur-shaped mushroom clouds in the finished film, if it's anywhere near as cool as the teaser art, we're in for a good time.

Red Returns to Vamps With Nightlife

During the Weekend of Horrors this past weekend, Eric Red (pictured with John Fallon), screenwriter of The Hitcher and Near Dark and director of Body Parts and Bad Moon, took part in a Q&A to discuss his upcoming film, 100 Feet, which is still settling on a distribution deal. Once the film is out, he’s poised to return to the sub-genre he kicked so much ass with in Near Dark with a new vampire film called Nightlife.

Shock Festival Week 6 Winner!

This week's winner is ... we don't know! Yup, the lucky fiend who got selected wished to stay anonymous. All we know is that the idea was sprouted from Holly Knight's '80's super band, Device.

Exclusive: Fantasia to Host Thai Horror Madness!

This year will be the 14th for the Fantasia Film Festival, and the fest just keeps getting bigger and better every year. They’re hosting a huge number of films over the course of the Fest’s three weeks, July 3rd- 21st, and this morning we got exclusive word about one premiere that fans of Thai horror are going to flip for.

New Autopsy Poster Found

The tag line “It’s Not Just for the Dead Anymore”, indicates that Adam Gierasch’s Autopsy, his feature-length directing debut, may not be quite as serious as I had first feared.

Beware the Moon Doc Officially Blu-Ray!

We’ve been hoping for news on Paul Davis’ Beware the Moon: Remembering An American Werewolf in London to come out of last weekend’s Horrorhound Weekend, since the AWIL director and stars were there and Davis is a HorrorHound writer, and so our wish was granted!

Aiden on Updating Lost Boys Music

The makers of The Lost Boys: The Tribe sure are taking the film’s heritage seriously, bringing back both characters and music from Joel Schumacher’s original for the sequel, which hits DVD July 29th (pre-order it here).