NECA's Variant Myers

NECA is really hoping to make fans of the upcoming Halloween remake happy, at least as much as they can now without pursuing likeness rights ... though who’s to say they’re not? To that end, they’v

Hardy's Cowboys Ready to Roll

Fangoria has provided some interesting news about Wicker Man helmer Robin Hardy's slated return to the director's chair with a "reimagining" of his 1973 classic film (Collector's Edition DVD review here).

Doomsday Trailer Soon!

Right now is a damn fine time to be in the UK, what with FrightFest coming up in just two short weeks. We’ve told you about the schedule ("FrightFest Schedule Unleashed!" – June 2007), but there’s a l

New Ending for Killers

It’s been a while since we last mentioned the directorial debut of Feast producer Chris Moore, the Battle Royale-esque Killers (“Moore Helms Killers” – November 06), but apparently that quiet has been

HBO Picks up True Blood

When we last told you about the series “True Blood” (“Paquin, Moyer to Wallow in Blood” – April 2007), apparently it wasn’t even a series yet but rather just a pilot with the hopes and dreams of being a series.

Vacancy Writer in a Hole

I wonder if anyone will confuse this new movie called The Hole with the Thora Birch film of the same name from a few years back. I also wonder why the hell screenwriters/studios can’t be a little more creative with their goddamn titles.

Embodiment of Evil Trailer Online!

The wicked Zé do Caixão, a.k.a. Coffin Joe started terrifying audiences in the 1964 classic At Midnight I Take Your Soul. That film and its sequel, 1967's This Night I Will Possess Your Corpse, are masterpieces of the macabre.

Catacombs Site Live in Japan

What? We here in the United States aren't good enough for a Catacombs site of our own? First the Japanese get Godzilla, now this! 24FramesPerSecond.net was kind enough to point us in the right dire

Passero to Helm Wicked Lake

Bloody Disgusting reports today that the editor on Lucky McKee's Red, Zach Passero, will be taking the reigns as director on Wicked Lake, the newest film from producer/filmmaker Chris Sivertson (The L

Pictures from the Diary

Ya know, it's a damned fine time to be a horror fan. After a lackluster first half of the year, there FINALLY seems to be reason to get excited. Coming up we have Halloween, Death Sentence, The Mist,

Troll 2: The Documentary

Oh, how does Troll 2 bring back fond memories of the summers I spent watching Showtime. Every other day it was a sure thing Troll 2 would come on at about 2PM, and I'd sit there amazed at how ... tota

Stir of Photos!

I totally missed the Stir of Echoes boat in 1999. It looked interesting enough and Kevin Bacon seemed like a good fit, but something just felt off about it. I may be totally off in my assumption, but

Meet The Strangers

Just who are The Strangers? I’ve been asking myself the same thing since the first time I heard about this movie; now I know.

First Taste of Blood Trails

I have to admit that when I heard Fearnet would be doing an episodic prequel to 30 Days of Night called 30 Days of Night: Blood Trails, my expectations were pretty much “meh”. However, STYD got a

Viz Visions of Horror

Viz has been bringing you the most popular Manga for years now, as diehard fans will attest. So you may be asking yourself, "What do they have for me, the innocent little horror fan alone in the worl