Gears & Escape Director Named?

I really don’t know how I feel about this. You never know with some directors these days, but can Len Wiseman refrain from making another Underworld?

Doomsday Video Interview!

Neil Marshall is, without a doubt, the man. He kicked in the door a few years back with the badass werewolf film Dog Soldiers, then showed us that real horror can still be made in this day and ag

Dacascos is Omega

Will Smith may be legend but Mark Dacascos is omega, and last time I checked being omega trumped merely being a legend. In your face, Fresh Prince! Oh, that wacky Asylum ... I don't think you need

Have Some Sympathy

Poor mice, they really get a bad rep. Whenever someone has a good suspense thriller storyline they want to discuss, the whole "game of cat and mouse" phrase is played. Do you think the mouse would see

Resident Evil 5 Racist?

From the very first moment that Resident Evil 5 was shown at this year’s E3, along with the building excitement it has been dogged by a harsh criticism: That it’s racist according to the Village Voice.

Take a Skinwalker Home

If you're anything like me, then you are probably addicted to hot women and motorcycles. Now imagine the sensory overload one such fan would have if a film were released that combines beautiful babes,

Gunn's Belcoo Experiment

We haven't heard much from Slither (review) director James Gunn in a long time. Then out of the blue someone at Comic Con let loose some news about a new project he is connected to called Belcoo Exper

Victor Crowley's UK Vacation

By visiting director Adam Green's MySpace Blog we got the lowdown on how Hatchet (review here) fans in the United Kingdom can attend a special screening and after party being held on August 28th at Lo

Just Call Him Leather

There is no question that NECA is blowing the competition out of the water as far as movie action figures go. The genre that was once dominated by McFarlane has been enhanced and constantly replenishe

First Cloverfield Video

We still don’t know what the monster looks like and it still doesn't have an official title, but a bunch of stuff from the set of Cloverfield, or Untitled JJ Abrams-Produced Monster Movie, just showed

Montreal Slams Horror

After some serious doubt as to whether or not it would make its return to our brothers to the North, the Montreal World Film Festival is getting ready for its big comeback, running August 23rd-Septemb

NECA Gets Machete!

Even if you didn’t make it out to Comic Con this year, there’s a good chance you were keeping up on all the cool new stuff NECA announced at the show, right? If not, a new blog over on NECA’s MySpace

Halloween Video Interviews!

Now this is what you’ve all been waiting for, I would venture to guess: the cast and crew of Rob Zombie’s Halloween re-imaging discussing the film purely for the benefit of Dread Central readers.

D Wars Eats Korean Box Office

I wonder what kind of indication it is for the success of D-War that it opened so well in South Korea, selling over $2.9 million worth of tickets on its first day. That is where the film was made, aft

Species 4 Awakening Soon

I have to ask: Does the Species franchise really have a big enough following to continue warranting sequels? The first film was hardly great, and its theatrically released follow-up was bad beyond bel