Pieces Put Together Again

Remember Juan Piquer Simón's Pieces? It was that odd tale of a chainsaw/butcher knife killer who was using parts of his victims to create some sort of girl creature for reasons unknown.

The Cottage is Furnished with DVD Art

If you're going to kidnap someones daughter, make sure you don't run into any backwood psychos along the way. That kind of error can really put a crimp in your day...

First Word on BioShock 2!

As reported by IGN, during a conference call with investors, Take-Two finally formally announced BioShock 2 to absolutely nobody's surprise. Still, it's only fitting that the pencilled in October 2009 release date should be so far off.

Lost Boys: The Tribe Trailer!

You’ve been waiting with baited breath for it (assuming you’re still breathing) and finally it is upon us; the first trailer for Lost Boys: The Tribe! MTV’s got it exclusively, so you better get clicking to check it out! No word on a release date yet, but we'll let you know when we do!

Banshee!!! Trailer!

Banshee!!! is the latest offering from Synthetic Cinema International, the company behind Werewolf: The Devil's Hound, Blood Descendants, and (my faves) the Jaws spoof Trees and its even sillier sequel, The Root of All Evil. Their newest venture into monsterdom takes the legend of the mythical Irish monster known as the Banshee and makes into an unstoppable, almost gargoyle-esque monster.

Can We Survive the Blitzkrieg?

With all these directors out there trying to be both cutting edge and old school, how many do you think would have the balls to actually make a new Nazi-sploitation film? Only one director comes to mind, and it ain’t Rob Zombie; it’s Keith Crocker, he of Bloody Ape fame.

Raimi to Bring Us Monster Zoo

Is it just me or are we doing more and more stories about original stuff getting the greenlight in Hollywood these days? After the glut of remakes it sure is nice to report on stuff like Monster Zoo, a title that just makes me smile on general principal.

Wolfgang to Direct an Uprising

Wolfgang Peterson isn’t really a name that inspires thoughts of classic films like it used to, thanks in no small part to his recent re-imagining, Poseidon, and the Brad Pitt period film Troy, but I really dig the idea of him doing a new sci-fi epic.

File This One Under WTF?

While technically not movie news, or even horror news, some footage appeared online that was so strange we couldn't help but do a story on it.

Spooks Issue 2 On Sale March 12!

Ryan Schifrin's badass comic endeavor Spooks hit the ground running when its debut issue sold out after being on the market less than a week, and now Issue 2 hits stores everywhere March 12! Make sure you're one of the cool kids and get your tail to the store to stake your claim on some illustrated supernatural goodness!

Wrestlemaniac Director Talks Sequel

There's something special about Wrestlemaniac (review). The thought of a group of unlikeable people stuck in a deserted Mexican ghost town getting mauled and defaced by a maniac masked wrestler has a certain charm to it. Could we get some more of that please?

Lost Boys New Title Art Revealed

Ok, it isn't exactly a grand announcement or anything, but at least the Lost Boys sequel dropped the annoying "2" from the title.

Fright Night Books, Comics and ... Remake?

The last time I heard about a remake of our beloved Fright Night it was set in some kind of amusement park and really didn't sound like anything in connection with Tom Holland's classic. Good thing he was at Fear Fest 2 to help clear that up.

Madman Makes a Return?

In case you missed last weekend's Fear Fest 2, then you wouldn't know anything about the possibility of there being a new Madman film. However, if you were like the fellows over at Icons of Fright, you would have learned something new.

The Strangers New Trailer!

If you've never been the victim of a home invasion, then count yourself lucky. Do you have any idea what it's like when a group of masked psychos barge into your house, start throwing hacky sacks at you and yell odd things like, "I cast fire ball spell"?