Whedon's Dollhouse to Air Out of Order

In a very strange twist of events, Joss Whedon has decided that his newest show for Fox, “Dollhouse”, will air out of sequence. Fans of the man’s work may recall this was one of the many contributing factors to the quick death of “Firefly”, only this time it’s not because of studio interference.

Fall Horror DVD-Palooza!

There's a frightening number of fall horror DVDs coming out the closer we get to Halloween. I've compiled a sampling in no particular order of just some of the many, many new releases coming soon to a DVD shelf near you in September and October.

Stuck, Seed, Feast & More DVD Dates!

Wow, today was a gluttonous day for horror DVD announcements, it seems. Rather than bore you with my, admittedly formidable, writing I’ll just provide you with an easy-to-read list, ordered chronologically. Are you sitting comfortably? Good. Then we will begin.

Special Screenings of Lost Boys 1 & 2!

Yes! Oh yes! Dread Central and Pit of Horror are gearing up for the massive Lost Boys reunion for our fourth Fear Fest next year by giving fans something very special this month.

Quarantine: The Game?!

John Dowdle's Quarantine just won some of us over. No, it's not a picture of Jennifer Carpenter in the buff but something much better!

Devil's Due Gets Spooked From Echoes of the Damned

Spooks publisher Devil's Due sent us a preview of the upcoming comic book from Azreal scribe James Pascoe and Batman: Gotham Knight artist Roger Robinson.

True Blood - Now Available in Comic Book Form!

Top Cow, the publisher responsible for bringing us some of the more kickass titles in the comic book world such as Witchblade and Darkness, is now tackling HBO's vampire series True Blood.

New UK Bloodsucker Flick Blood and Roses

We were just directed to a new film being made right now in the UK by first-time director Simon Aitken called Blood and Roses. It’s significant to us because one of our favorite journalists/actresses is in it: Axelle Carolyn. She’s been taking bit parts in more and more movies as of late, and it’s always great to see her on screen.

First Look at Marvel's The Stand!

Personally I can’t wait to see how Marvel does with its upcoming adaptation of Stephen King’s seminal apocalypse novel The Stand. Just the excuse to read it again is enough for me. AICN managed to get its hands on the first art for the book, and needless to say I’m impressed. They promise to have more tomorrow so make sure you hit ‘em up again to see the rest!

Cassie Hack Vs. Herbert West Panels!

We just got a heads up that Comic Book Resources posted a whole slew of panel artwork from the upcoming Re-Animator / Hack/Slash crossover that’s due out in a few months. Click on the teaser image below to see all the panels (you’ll have to scroll almost to the bottom of the page). We’ll have more on the Devil's Due crossover as its debut approaches!

Magnolia Off to Sleepaway Camp?

I usually don’t give a hell about anything having to do with more Sleepaway Camp movies, but this was just too weird to ignore. Fangoria reported yesterday that Magnolia Pictures, the guys who put out The Signal, Shrooms and the original Pulse to name a few, has nabbed the release rights for Return to Sleepaway Camp.

Sexy True Blood Poster

Yes, there's more to this poster for the upcoming vampire series “True Blood”, but what more do you really need to see? Sexy lips, sexy tongue, just the right amount of plasma ... yep, that’s good enough for me.

It's Offical: The Asylum is Evil

Yes, Evil is a new movie from The Asylum. Please don't click away just yet. Hear me out for a second. This one is actually worth your time to take a look at. In a good way, I mean. Seriously, the trailer is actually worth watching.

Time Warner Adds FEARnet

Good news for those of you out there with Time Warner cable who complain regularly about not being able to see free horror movies; Variety reports that FEARnet has just inked a deal with Time Warner, which will see their on-demand horror programming heading into an additional 8.4 millions homes.

Benderspink Readies Zombies of Mass Destruction

I’ve always said one sure way we could get out of this conflict in the Middle East is if we could somehow send over a squad of zombies to take care of our enemies. The creators of the comic ZMD: Zombies of Mass Destruction agree with me, as do the folks at Benderspink, who’ve just nabbed the movie rights for the Red 5 comic according to Variety.