What We Do is Secret (2008)

WARNING! NOT WORK SAFE! "Homosexual! Up the ass! Homosexual! Darby Crash!" –Angry Samoans Discuss Rick's reviews in the Dread Central forums!

Resident Evil 4 Talk

It was starting to look like maybe we’d seen the last of the Resident Evil films and perhaps could go back to just looking forward to the game's sequels. Then Paul W.S. Anderson has to go shoot his mouth off to MTV, and I realize we may never see the end of it...

First Stills from Argento's Giallo

Make your way over to Dario Argento’s official site, and you’ll be treated to a slew of new images from his latest film, Giallo, which stars Adrien Brody and Emmanuelle Seigner.

Werewolf Hero VS. Nazi Vampire in Wolvesbayne

Got an email the other day from filmmaker Leigh Scott regarding several upcoming productions from Bullet Films, a subdivision of Blackthorne Industries, the production company he and other ex-Asylum employees formed after escaping The Asylum late last year. The title that immediately popped out to me was Wolvesbayne, a sort of werewolf Hellboy that has just begun filming.

Sundown Art & Final Specs Revealed

A lot of horror movies from the 1990s we'd like to push out of our memories, especially those that came directly after the Scream-effect. However, even during the gloomy part of the early '90s, there was a certain film about vampires fighting their desires in a remote town that sadly faded from the memories of many horror fans.

Wrong Turn 3 Welcomes New Director

Last October we knew that Wrong Turn 3 was most likely on the way thanks in part to Joe Lynch's kickass sequel (review), but it looks like we won't be seeing a return of the fuzzy one to the backwoods of West Virginia.

Erika Christensen Will be Tortured

I don't care what you say, Death Sentence (review) was the best revenge flick to grace the silver screen since Mel Gibson produced Paparazzi. Can that same kind of gold be struck for a third time in a row?

Rare Living Dead Doll Up for Charity Auction!

The last time we saw Karen Cooper, she was busy in the basement ... stabbing her mother and being a damn creepy zombie. Who knew that decades after that the little undead child would be helping charity.

Mummy's Back Online

Trick 'r Treat Still Searching for Studio

It’s not the good news we’ve been hoping for, but it’s close; Over the weekend the folks over at Moviehole talked to Trick ‘r Treat director Mike Dougherty, who gave them a very quick update on the status of his Halloween-set horror flick;

DVD Releases: Pint-Sized Terror

A short, in more ways than one, crop of new horror discs are coming your way this Tuesday, July 1st, 2008...

FINAL Shock Festival Winner!

Our final winner is the brainchild of Justin Dunnuck, who submitted quite a number of really cool entries, all of which I really liked. With Cannibal Call Girls he leads us out with a bang, and the art this week is by the awesome David Allcock, a recent addition to the Shock Festival wrecking crew.

The Fly: The Opera?

Of all the films of David Cronenberg I would’ve expected to eventually become operas, I would have to say The Fly was one of the least likely. I mean, I could see Dead Ringers done melodiously before The Fly, but that’s why Cronenberg is a genius.

Helena is a Cyborg!

I always knew there was something strange about Helena Bonham Carter, and now I’ve figured out what it is: She’s a cyborg created by Skynet to infiltrate our society and bring down humanity from the inside! Man, Tim Burton’s gonna be pissed.

Dark Moon Rising Set Visit Preview

Out in the dark somewhere between Death Valley and Area 51, things were going bump in the night. Good thing for you, yours truly was there to investigate. Luckily the only real demons I’d have to face that night were of the windblown dust storm variety.