SDCC 08: Hills Run Poster, Feast 2 Bust & More!

See? All I have to do is ask and we get all sorts of cool stuff from the floor of Comic Con 2008! Check out some of the pics below, which feature new poster art for The Hills Run Red, Whiteout and Terminator Salvation: The Future Begins, some weird random melty guy and two shots of a badass bust from Feast 2: Sloppy Seconds.

SDCC 08: Nite Owl's Ship on Display

Well, they’re not exactly horror, but they are the first pics we’ve got from anyone at Comic Con, so we’ll run with it. Plus it is pretty cool on a purely geek level...

Rocky Horror Remake

Now this might go down in history as one of the worst ideas in Hollywood history; remaking The Rocky Horror Picture Show. I mean, seriously, is this necessary? The original has been annoying me since it was released in 1975, why do we need another take on it?

SDCC 08: Laid to Rest Poster & Site

Of all the updates flying around out there from the floor of San Diego Comic Con, some are far cooler than others. For example, STYD’s nabbing of the poster art for Rob Hall’s upcoming slasher flick Laid to Rest.

Repo! The Musical DVD in January!

The news is already coming in from this year's San Diego Comic-Con, and the first article via the event involves Darren Bousman's much anticipated Repo! The Genetic Opera (review)!

Wanna See Mirrors for Free?

Fangoria just dropped some awesome news for those of us eagerly awaiting Alexandre Aja's ghost story Mirrors.

Acolytes Bully a Trailer

School bullies, who doesn't remember them? Some people would get beaten up, their lunch money stolen or intimidated into doing the bully's homework. They got off easy. The bullies in my home town pulled guns, cut ya or pushed you down stairs. If only the weaker kids had some kind of help to take care of the bastards...

Jennifer's Sexy Body & One-Sheet!

So, we've seen Megan Fox all sorts of almost naked in previous stories of Jennifer's Body (set visit), so trying to top that is going to be kind of hard. Maybe if we get in some photos of the demon possessed Fox ripping apart some male courtiers, then there will be a challenger.

Top Cow's Magdalena Converts Jenna Dewan

According to the Hollywood Reporter, Jenna Dewan and her boobs have nabbed the lead role in a motion picture adaptation of Top Cow's top heavy comic Magdalena. Dewan will star as Patience, a very attractive young woman who discovers she's the next in a line of female warriors descended from Mary Magdalene that fight the forces of evil.

TIFF's Midnight Madness 2008!

As with most years previous, the Midnight Madness lineup at this year’s Toronto International Film Festival is a damn impressive one.

Exclusive: The Descent 2 Set Visit!

Two crawlers lounge idly on a sofa wrapped in matching dressing gowns. One glances at a newspaper while the other sits lost in thought.

Fantasia 2008 Winners!

Another year of Fantasia has come to an end, and with that end come the results for Fantasia’s Feature Films competition. And the winners are...

New Nightmare Writer Hired

New Line is making its move to bring the Nightmare on Elm Street franchise back into the limelight. THR reports this morning that Doom and Wolf writer Wesley Strick has been brought on board to author the script that will re-invent Freddy Krueger for the 21st Century.

Horror Masters Go Comedic for Xbox 360

This is why I love having an Xbox 360 and have yet to see the point in the PS3 aside from its use as a Blu-ray player. Variety got word this morning that this fall a series of short films under the banner “Horror Directors Do Comedy” will show up on the console free of charge. The cool thing?

Summit Adds The Leaves to Slate

Imagine if you were traveling for a friend’s funeral, already a somber event to say the least, and you just happened to come across a fortune teller who not only identified you as evil, but fingered you as the bringer of the apocalypse.