Repo! Gets Date and Trailer Returns

Last week the new trailer for Repo! appeared and disappeared from the Net pretty quickly, but it has reappeared over at the Repo! site in much higher quality than its YouTube counterpart.

Keep Busy with Hellboy's Website

Hellboy II: The Golden Army (review) isn't going to disappoint, that's for sure, and by the looks of things, the film's official site isn't letting down visitors either.

Kilmer, Balfour Join Sliver Cord

I don’t know just how “horror” this is going to be, but it does have to do with resurrection and out of body experiences, and it’s a love story, which is just terrifying in the first place, so stick with me. The flick is called Silver Cord, and it’s set to be the directorial debut of James Ordonez.

Sarah Landon & The Paranormal DVD

I wanted to title this article "SARAH LANDON AND THE DVD OF THE MOVIE MOST OF YOU HAVE NEVER HEARD OF" but that was a little too long.

Updated Fear Itself Schedule!

We just got an updated airdate schedule for Fear Itself, NBC’s anthology horror series that continues this Thursday at 10/9 C with Stuart Gordon’s “Eater” (review). Check it out below!

Cover Mirrors with Red Bands

No, it's not that ridiculous plot device from Pulse. We're talking about a brand new red-band trailer for Alexandre Aja's Mirrors starring Kiefer Sutherland.

Petty Talks Burrowers

During the recent Weekend of Horrors in Secaucus, NJ (read the full report here), I finally got the chance to meet Soft for Digging and Mimic: Sentinel director JT Petty, whose work I’ve been a huge fan of for years. He was there to promote his next film, The Burrowers, a monster movie we’ve been keeping tabs on since its initial announcement.

Chucky's 20th Birthday Edition Art Arrives!

STYD received the cover art for what is now known as Child's Play: Chucky's 20th Birthday Edition. We were expecting something with a little more zazz. Remember the Child's Play collection that came out a couple of years ago? How about something creepy like that? Jazz it up with a buttload of zazz.

Wii Whips it With Castlevania

How the Nintendo Wii remains such a dominant force in the gaming community is beyond me. If you look down the line of games, there's a pretty good track record of party games, Mario-centric titles and some glorified Gamecube ports. How about we get something that will actually feel like it was meant for the Wii?

New Lovecraft Doc Gets Premiere Date

You might recall a news story we did a while back about a new documentary being put together called Lovecraft: Fear of the Unkown, all about the eponymous author’s life and history. All’s been quiet for a while regarding the doc, but finally we got some good news from one of its producers!

What We Do is Secret (2008)

WARNING! NOT WORK SAFE! "Homosexual! Up the ass! Homosexual! Darby Crash!" –Angry Samoans Discuss Rick's reviews in the Dread Central forums!

Resident Evil 4 Talk

It was starting to look like maybe we’d seen the last of the Resident Evil films and perhaps could go back to just looking forward to the game's sequels. Then Paul W.S. Anderson has to go shoot his mouth off to MTV, and I realize we may never see the end of it...

First Stills from Argento's Giallo

Make your way over to Dario Argento’s official site, and you’ll be treated to a slew of new images from his latest film, Giallo, which stars Adrien Brody and Emmanuelle Seigner.

Werewolf Hero VS. Nazi Vampire in Wolvesbayne

Got an email the other day from filmmaker Leigh Scott regarding several upcoming productions from Bullet Films, a subdivision of Blackthorne Industries, the production company he and other ex-Asylum employees formed after escaping The Asylum late last year. The title that immediately popped out to me was Wolvesbayne, a sort of werewolf Hellboy that has just begun filming.

Sundown Art & Final Specs Revealed

A lot of horror movies from the 1990s we'd like to push out of our memories, especially those that came directly after the Scream-effect. However, even during the gloomy part of the early '90s, there was a certain film about vampires fighting their desires in a remote town that sadly faded from the memories of many horror fans.