SDCC 08: Sideshow's Dracula Diorama

Of all the images Nomad got with his camera walking around Comic Con, I was really surprised to only see one of this amazing statue coming soon from Sideshow. It’s Dracula throttling Renfield, which I’m sure he deserves, and as you can tell it’s a thing of beauty.

*UPDATED* Blow by Blow MK vs. DC Details!

**UPDATE: Scroll down to see some gameplay footage for yourself!**

New T-Rex Art!

The official Rob Zombie MySpace page unveiled another piece of artwork for the filmmaker's newest flick Tyrannosaurus Rex. Nat Jones provided the gritty and semi-sexy bit of promo this time, but I'm still confused about what T-Rex is supposed to be about.

Activision Drops Ghostbusters: The Game!

IGN, among many other gaming sites, is reporting that Activision has decided to not publish many of the anticipated titles from its recently acquired Vivendi Games portfolio. Among those dropped from publication are Ghostbusters: The Video Game, Brütal Legend, WET, 50 Cent: Blood on the Sand, Chronicles of Riddick: Assault on Dark Athena and World in Conflict: Soviet Assault.

R.I.P. Effects Man Benoit Lestang

It always pains me to have to do a story about a horror personality who is no longer with us, but it’s that much worse when the person is gone of their own hand. Such was the case with French effects man Benoit Lestang, who reportedly committed suicide over the weekend.

SDCC 08: Species Maquette

I’ll admit it, I’ve never been a big fan of the Species films. The premise is great; hot alien chick comes to Earth to mate and kill, but the execution never really stuck with me. One thing I can’t say I didn’t like, though, was the creature. This was truly a work of art!

New Indie Horror The Tenant

Today we received word on a new horror film coming our way called The Tenant. Michael Berryman, J. LaRose, Bill Cobbs and Randy Molnar star in the film, which was directed by newbie Ric La Monte.

SDCC 08: Trick 'r Treat's Sam Unmasked!

Sideshow Collectibles usually has one of the biggest booths at Comic Con every year, so much so that you could almost call it a living area rather than a booth. But since they continue to make such kickass toys year after year, they’re fully deserving of it.

First Underwold 3 Pics!

Been looking for some better quality photos of Underworld: Rise of the Lycans for a few days now; leave it to Entertainment Weekly to nab them first!

Signed Mirrors Jaw-Rip Photo Winners!

Hope you guys dug Mirrors this past weekend! Though some of the opinions of it have been mixed, no one can deny that this is one badass pic! The following five are the lucky winners of the 8x10 Mirrors "jaw-rip" photo, signed by Alexandre Aja himself! MICHELLE BERRY MICHAEL PEASE JOHN WREN TRACY TABIN THOMAS SEMESKY Thanks to everyone who entered and of course to Fox for providing the badass prizes!

Patrick Rea Wins Regional Emmy!

Lawrence, Kansas-based indie director Patrick Rea dropped us a line to let us know his production company SenoReality Pictures recently won a Heartland Regional Emmy Award for the short film "Woman's Intuition." The Heartland chapter of the regional Emmy program covers Kansas, Colorado, Oklahoma, Nebraska, and Wyoming.

What is 5 or Die?

This just showed up in our inbox and since we’re never ones to turn down free stuff, especially creepy free stuff, we thought we’d share it with you. All I know is that “5 or Die” has something to do with it ... what a strange mystery this is! So dig your eyeballs out and prop in front of the screen for a better look! More as we get it!

SDCC 08: Exclusive Ghostbusters Gameplay Footage w/ Commentary!

Here we go! Kasch and Buz are hard at work putting up all the video they shot at Comic-Con this past week, and here's the first one!

Red Band Quarantine Trailer!

We've been wondering just how bloody John Dowdle's Quarantine would be. Thanks to a new red band trailer, we have a better idea.

Young Frankenstein is Feeling Blu!

The fine folks from DVD Active have posted details about the Blu-ray release of Mel Brooks' classic Young Frankenstein. Due to bow on October 7th, this release will not only contain the great features that accompanied the previous DVD but also a slew of Blu-ray exclusive extras!