Classic Horrors, Howling at Shock!

Like watching awesome retro-horror classics you say? Especially in an old school movie palace environment? Even better if it happens to be in the heart of the "Paris of America" aka San Francisco? Wel

An Orphanage Remake Already?

The Orphanage is still circulating around the festival circuit with a limited US release in December, but it has struck some chords well enough to already be flagged to be remade for American audience

Same Kratos, New Armor

Whether or not the Playstation game God of War, its sequels or the anti-hero Kratos fall into the realm of horror is not important. What should take precedent is that the games kick ass, and an equall

Two New Films to Die For

We’ve been hearing rumors and conjectures about it for weeks now, but today Fangoria were able to officially confirm the first two movies that will be part of the second annual After Dark Horrorfest,

Baker to Make New Wolf Man?

Sometimes you see news out there that’s heralded as a rumor and you just know, somewhere inside you, that it’s too good to be true. For example, when it was announced that Rick Baker would be designin

Hatchet Events on Both Coasts!

Unless you've been living under a rock, you know that Hatchet opens today, September 7th, 2007! If you're in LA, join Adam Green and members of the Hatchet cast at the 10PM screening of the film at

Sideshow's Dead Expand

I honestly didn’t think that Sideshow Collectibles original line of zombie figures, their “The Dead” series, was doing the kind of business it apparently is, but them I’m really glad to hear about it.

My Name is Bruce Headed Home?

Well it’s a minor update, but since My Name is Bruce is one of my must-see movies of 2007 (maybe 2008 if they don’t hurry up), it’s worth mentioning.

Skinwalking to DVD

If you are reading this right now then odds are you are one of the hundreds of millions of people who did not go to see Skinwalkers when it opened in theaters back on August 10th. How bad did it bomb?

Gaming for 30 Days

There's a lot of hype and build up going into the graphic novel turned David Slade directed feature (" 30 Days Prequel Trailer" - August 29, 2007). And honestly, after seeing Skinwalkers we horror fan

'Zine Review: Rue Morgue #71

Issue #71 September 2007 Who doesn’t love punk? And who doesn’t love zombies? 22 years ago, Dan O’Bannon combined the two in one of the most badass zombie movies ever put to film; Return of the

Halloween DVD Talk

With the unprecedented success of Rob Zombie’s Halloween, and the good news that’s been floating around that neither Zombie nor Dimension want to keep making sequels, of course talk has to start about

Kurtzman to Live and Die

Wow. When Robert Kurtzman said he wanted to return to directing with The Rage (review), his first horror flick since Wishmaster, he really wasn’t fucking around. With both The Rage and the Dark Lot

First Look at Midnight Movie!

Sometimes just randomly searching the IMDB can lead us to cool stuff that, for whatever reason, just hasn’t had any exposure to fans yet.

First Pic of Two Sisters

I really don’t know how I feel about the upcoming remake of A Tale of Two Sisters, coming sometime next year from the Brothers Guard, but maybe it’s because we’ve been burned by so many US remakes of