Benderspink Readies Zombies of Mass Destruction

I’ve always said one sure way we could get out of this conflict in the Middle East is if we could somehow send over a squad of zombies to take care of our enemies. The creators of the comic ZMD: Zombies of Mass Destruction agree with me, as do the folks at Benderspink, who’ve just nabbed the movie rights for the Red 5 comic according to Variety.

Battlestar Director to Helm Witchblade

Though I’ve yet to see a single episode of “Battlestar Galactica” (ducks), the show is so revered by people whose opinions I respect that I’m sure this is good news for the new Witchblade movie.

Shyamalan to Produce Night Chronicles

M. Night Shyamalan isn’t fully stepping out from behind his ego yet, but this is a step in the right direction. Variety announced this morning that the man who made The Happening and has yet to apologize for it has inked a deal with Media Capitol Rights to produce a thriller per year under a banner known as The Night Chronicles.

Korea Teases with Midnight Meat

A sharp eyed reader named David pointed out a new video floating around on YouTube. Originally discovered by 24fps, this is the opening scene of Clive Barker's Midnight Meat Train (review), which gives us a look at the suspense so many will miss out on due to the film's impending limited release.

Twilight Teaser #2 & New Stills

I am not sure of the actual ratio of our female-to-male readers, but I am going to risk it and say we have at least 5 women who read the site. The lowball number is based strictly on the lack of Twilight fan fiction on our forums.

Mirrors, It's Jaw-Ripping Fun!

This has to be the coolest picture I've ever had the honor of posting on Dread Central.

The Asylum of Horrors Preview Available!

We got word today from Asylum Press about a new horror anthology entitled The Asylum of Horrors that is being released in September, 2008.

Fantasia 2008: Day 21

Well, another year of Fantasia has come to an end. The wife and I are headed home today and back to our “normal” lives, which believe it or not is actually something I’m looking forward to.

Paddy Breathnach's Freakdog Trailer!

Well, Paddy Breathnach's Freakdog isn't exactly what we thought it would be about. The plot synopsis we got before turns out to be off just a tad. That's not a bad thing, and the trailer looks like it may hit all the right spots as far as revenge movies are concerned.

More Video from Final Destination 4!

Reelz Channel got a behind the scenes look at David R. Ellis' Final Destination 4 while it was filming in New Orleans.

Fantasia 2008: Days 16 & 17

Friday started off pretty quietly, with our first movie being the Korean thriller Our Town (review). An auspicious way to start off the day because while it wasn’t the greatest film we’d seen, it certainly had some great moments but suffered from the usual pitfalls of the Korean film: too long and way too dramatic.

Exclusive: Dark Moon Rising Set Report

Vegas, baby! Even the city's airport is a gaudy slice of neon depravity.

Exclusive: Kitamura Revisits Versus for America!

In the year 2000 a Japanese zombie action epic called Versus exploded onto the scene, thereby putting director Ryuhei Kitamura on the map of just about every horror fan who knows their stuff. Now he's ready to give us Westerners a Versus of our very own!

Coffin Joe's Superior Movie

Nothing makes me happier than having a true icon in the genre return to form in a big way. José Mojica Marins' long awaited official third installment in his Coffin Joe trilogy has swept itself a casket full of awards!

X-Files 2 DVD News

Andrew Kasch just called in with some early and welcome news from the X-Files: I Want to Believe press junket pertaining to the sequel's trip to home video land.