Seeley & Yuzna Talk Hack/Re-Animator Crossover

When it was initially announced that Herbert West would be finding his way into the Hack/Slash come the series' 15th issue, I thought it brilliant. Recently Newsarama sat down with Brian Yuzna, director of the last two films and the man who effectively owns the rights to the West character, and Hack/Slash creator Tim Seeley to discuss why this crossover just make so much sense.

Dafoe Joins Cirque du Freak

I have to give it to the makers of Cirque du Freak; they sure managed to get an amazing cast to work with. Since the movie, an adaptation of the books by Darren Shan, was announced, names like John C. Reilly and Salma Hayek have jumped on board.

Looking Deeper at The Road

I still have yet to discover the phenomenon of Cormac McCarthy's The Road first-hand, though I do have every intention of reading it before the movie is out later this year. If you're curious, you can get The Road through Evilshop here.

UPDATE: Paul Prischman: A Friend in Need

UPDATE: We've been told that tickets for the Blade Runner screening will go on sale today at 12PM PST! Tickets are available for the general public. Click here or on the banner below to find out more!

The Heartless Tease

So, what would you do to have a handsome face, like mine maybe? Would you go under a hot knife? Cut the mug off some Hollywood hunk and stitch it to your own Leatherface-style? What about making a deal with the prince of flies?

Tunnicliffe Has a Heart On For My Bloody Valentine

Some people out there have been lukewarm about the upcoming 3D My Bloody Valentine remake. Me? I'm ready for some gore in the third dimension! And now there's a whole new reason to get at least somewhat excited!

Six Things That --Still-- Drive Me Psycho!

During my stay at my previous gig I published the following editorial. It was deemed too controversial by the powers that be and as a result was taken down. Recently I came across it again, and despite the passing of time, it's still every bit as relevant as it was back then. I've updated it a bit and decided to give it a proper home. Sit back, kids, and let's revisit some troubled waters. Enjoy!

Varla Returns in El Superbeasto!

In a world full of terror, high gas prices, corrupt political figures and war, what we really need now is some adult animation. Remember the fun times with Ralph Bakshi, when cartoons didn't have to be bright and full of bullshit to sell toys? Rob Zombie does! Yeah!!!

Ghost in a Bottle For Sale

Now this is pretty cool. Bottled spirits, literally. According to the site each ghost is unique and caught at different haunted locations. Maybe there are real ghosts in these bottles, maybe not. Either way they make a pretty cool conversation piece.

Exclusive: Paranormal Activity Star Joins Walking Distance!

Just got a heads-up from Closet Space (review) director Mel House about some very cool casting news for his latest feature, Walking Distance, which we’ve been doing a pretty damn good job of keeping you informed about, if I do say so myself...

It Came From the Internet! 5/26

UPDATED WITH AWESOME! An epic showdown. Croc Vs Shark. Now if we could just get Ninjas Vs Pirates. First up are some great clips sent in by various readers Bitch Killer sent in by GoochCamper.

Video Dread Exclusive: Strangers Cast & Crew!

Our man Nomad got to hit up the recent press conference for Rogue Pictures' The Strangers, hitting theaters this Friday, May 30th, and got the chance to sit down with stars Liv Tyler and Scott Speedman as well as director Bryan Bertino. And we've got the video to prove it! Dig the interviews below, and be sure to hit the official Strangers site for more on the film!

Fright Rags Comes to Evilshop!

Well, now, ain't it just getting cozy up in Evilshop as of late? When our e-store first opened, we had very cool clothing created by both Fearwerx and Rotten Cotton on sale, which featured a good selection of horror apparel for discerning fans to choose from. You were happy, we were happy, and all was well.

Behind Park Chan-wook's Thirst

A few days back some poster art for Chan-wook Park's first horror film, Thirst, showed up all over the place thanks to someone snapping a pic of it at Cannes, but I've been waiting for even a slightly better looking image of the damn thing. To date, I've had no luck so I guess we'll just have to use the one that's everywhere for now.

Witchblade Teases

Well, at least we know the creators of the new Witchblade movie are sticking true to the comic's sexy roots, if this teaser poster is any indication. Since there's been no casting that I've heard to date, I'm guessing the fine female donning the titular gauntlet is just a model, but they sure have the right idea! There's also an official Witchblade site where you can sign up for updates in existence as well. Keep it here for more soon!