SDCC 08: Silent Hill: Homecoming - Gameplay w/Commentary

What trip through the survival horror video game genre would be complete without a visit to the sleepy town of Silent Hill?

SDCC 08: Spaced Interviews!

Though not exactly horror per se, Simon Pegg and Edgar Wright's TV series "Spaced" has plenty of roots planted firmly within our genre. One watch and you'll see what I mean.

Tyrannosaurus Rex & the Magical Bus of Death!

Tyrannosaurus Rex may still be a bit mysterious, but I know one thing for sure ... it's gonna have hockey masks and slaughter via a badass bus! Just check out the enclosed picture from Rob Zombie's MySpace page for proof!

Rally to Support The Midnight Meat Train

General society has a tendency to judge the horror community unfairly. Sure, some of us look a little different or, hell, even act a little differently, but in all honesty this small sect is comprised of some of the most loving and passionate individuals that I have had the pleasure of meeting. When we suffer a tragedy or are dealt an injustice, we rally around each other.

SDCC 08: Dead Space Gameplay w/Commentary & Interview!

There's no question Dead Space is one title that fans of the survival horror genre have been clamoring for. So we made it our business to seek out the playable game at this past Comic-Con along with its senior producer Chuck Beaver to get you the goods on it!

More Dead Space Love

We just got a heads up from the good folks at EA Games that two new video pieces are now live for their forthcoming horror game Dead Space. First up we have a new developer’s diary called “Creating Terror” which will further solidfy that these guys know what they’re doing in our genre. Dig:

SDCC 08: Sideshow's Creature Statue!

Over the last few years, Sideshow has really become known as the place to go to find amazing monsters and alien and alien toys and statues, but lest we forget, they got their start making vinyl and plastic replicas of Universal monsters. And this amazing Creature From the Black Lagoon statue will help us remember.

SDCC 08: Chopper Zombie Bike!

A few weeks back when we first told you about Chopper Zombie, the graphic novel coming our way from Devil’s Due, we made mention that they’d be on-hand at Comic Con with a badass, custom built Zombie motorcycle. And guess what? They were!

*UPDATE!* Host 2 Teaser!

**Oh, burn! This isn't actually a Host 2 teaser, it's an add for an electric company which you can see right here ... Whoops!**

Firth Joins Dorian Gray

Shooting on Oliver Parker’s Dorian Gray adaptation is set to begin this week, so the final cast announcements are coming out now. This morning THR reported that Colin Firth (Apartment Zero, Then She Found Me) has officially signed on for the role of Lord Henry Wolton.

SDCC 08: Underworld: Rise of the Lycans Interviews!

The Underworld films actually improved from the first to the second, so one can only hope the third will follow suit. The directorial debut of effects man Patrick Tatopoulos, Underworld: Rise of the Lycans, goes back to the beginning of the feud between the vampires and the werewolves.

Go to the Drive-In With Jack Brooks!

Just last week we reported that you'd be able to see Jon Knautz's horror/comedy Jack Brooks: Monster Slayer (review) with a bunch of stiffs in Hollywood, but what about those who don't live in California?

SDCC 08 Exclusive: Deepak Chopra Talks Horror!

All right, this is just freakin’ weird. I mean, of all the people you’d expect to see being interviewed on Dread Central, would Deepak Chopra even show up on the list? Hell no. But here he is, talking about a horror novel he’ll be writing for HarperCollins called Satan.

Teaser Poster for Neuromancer!

Our buds over at Quiet Earth got the first look at what may possibly be the teaser poster for Neuromancer, a big screen adaptation of William Gibson's novel! Exciting news for us Cyberpunk fans!

SDCC 08: Laid to Rest Interviews

Robert Hall and Bobbi Sue Luther took some time to sit down with me at Comic-Con to talk about their latest fear film, Laid to Rest, and although it was uber-noisy in the room (we could barely hear each other and we were next to one another), there are still a lot of goodies to be dished!