New Images from The Road

USA Today got their hands on six new images from John Hilcoat’s The Road, based on the best selling novel from Carmac McCarthy. Below you can see one of them, hit up USA Today or The Road’s database entry here on the site for the rest.

New ZomCom The Tormented Casts Up

How many times, when you were being picked on as a kid, did you wish you could come back from the dead and get revenge on all those who wronged you? The dying thing is where I always came up short, but Alex Pettfyer won’t have that problem when he stars in Jon Wright’s The Tormented.

See Phantasm on the Tall Man's Home Turf

Californians and fans willing to travel have to ask themselves this question -- "What's cooler than seeing Phantasm up on the big screen?" The answer? Seeing it on a big screen in the middle of a cemetery! Click here for details on an event you do not want to miss!

Repo! Site Gets a Facelift!

Just last week we heard that Repo! The Genetic Opera (review) was going to start some kind of continuing webisodes of behind the scenes videos. This week saw the first, and with that the flood gates started to open.

Plaza and Balaguero Want REC Respect

Paco Plaza and Jaume Balaguero, the men who brought us the cinéma-vérité delight known as REC (review), had a few choice words recently for Hollywood, Americans, and Quarantine.

Portman to Dance for Suspiria Remake

The industry site Tracking B has confirmed a rumor going ‘round the net that the one and only Natalie Portman is set to topline David (Pineapple Express) Gordon’s remake of Suspiria.

Exclusive Pics From Walking Distance!

Indie director Mel House dropped us a line yesterday with new pics from and an update on his Closet Space (review) follow-up, Walking Distance.

Return to Sleepaway Camp Trailer, Art

Is it wrong that I actually found this trailer to be somewhat entertaining? It’s the trailer for Return to Sleepaway Camp, which you may recall is finally seeing a DVD release thanks to Magnet, and while it’s pretty annoying at first, it almost redeems itself in the end.

Exclusive: Coffin Joe Animated?

If all goes well, 2009 just might be the Year of Coffin Joe. The Brazilian actor/director’s return to filmmaking, The Embodiment of Evil, will hopefully be hitting U.S. shores in some capacity, which means the man himself will be making more public appearances. But would you believe we’ll also be seeing Jose Mojica Marins ... animated?

Alvart's Pandorum Finds Cash

After finally finishing Case 39, which seems like it’s been being made for years now, Antibodies helmer Christian Alvart won’t have to wait for the cash to come in to jump right into his next project, the Dennis Quaid/Ben Foster thriller Pandorum.

SDCC 08: Jack Brooks Interviews

And the Comic-Con videos continue! Next up, the cast and crew of the upcoming monster opus Jack Brooks: Monster Slayer!

here! Films to Remake Horror Classics

Just a couple months ago we learned that here! Films was going to bring Cthulhu (review) to the masses, but it doesn't look like they're going to stop with just one gay horror flick.

Sexy & Disturbing Dread Tease

The mysterious main character of Clive Barker's upcoming film Dread, Quaid, sent us a sample of his twisted and sexy art today. What awaits those who are unwilling players in the artist's mad experiments?

Joy Ride 2 Art & Specs

Fox Home Entertainment has finally released the art and specs for Joy Ride 2: Dead Ahead, their direct to DVD sequel to the better-than-it-shoulda-been Joy Ride, which comes home on October 7th. The disc will come complete with the following goodies: Joy Ride 2: The Making of Dead Ahead “Blood & Gus: The Make-up of Horror”

Austin Film Fest Grabs 100 Feet

Eric Red just announced via his MySpace page that his return to directing, the ghost story 100 Feet, has been chosen as an official entry in this year’s Austin Film Festival!