Dinner for Aliens & Predators

To Hell with Paul W.S. Anderson. Sorry, sorry. That came out wrong. I meant to say ... (Editor's Note: Kryten Syxx has been advised to seek medical attention after an all nighter of AVP, Absinthe and lite bondage. We apologize for the inconvenience.)

Marshall Still Descending

While Neil Marshall is putting the finishing touches on his next film, Doomsday, which I’m sure is going to blow us all away (check out our Comic Con interviews for a look at why), movement is still happening on The Descent 2 (which may or may not be replacing its “s” with a “2”), which, as we first told you

Final Saw IV Poster

Below you will see the final poster for Saw IV, due out October 26th, thanks to the sexy folks at IGN. Honestly? I don't dig it. Tobin Bell's head on a scale? Yes. Some weird pig slut thing in what is

Worst Case Scenario Needs Help

I’ve done so many stories about Worst Case Scenario, the Nazi zombie movie that never was, that sometimes I wonder if it’s all in my head. What if this is really an idea that I have but can’t vocalize

The Lost Boys Revealed!

Though I still refuse to get excited for the sequel to Lost Boys which, as I said in the latest Dinner for Fiends, is way past its prime, I have to admit it seems like Warner Premiere is at least putt

More Chemical Wedding Details!

Although the enthusiasm for this project may leave something to be desired, I can’t help but soak up any and all info about Bruce Dickinson’s Chemical Wedding, so you’re just going to have to deal with it.

Nicotero Directs, Barbeau Writes?

Buried within the write up Evil Andy did for Rue Morgue’s fourth annual Festival of Fear is some very interesting bits of info I felt deserved to be highlighted for you guys. Don't want anyone missing cool news, now do we?

30 Days Prequel Trailer

With the hype building for 30 Days of Night, due out in theaters on October 19th, it’s good to know that those of you with Fearnet will be getting a taste of Days horror before anyone else.

Rock on Witch Mountain

Well, there goes any desire I had to give the new Witch Mountain a chance. I mean sure it’s a kids movie so you have to expect some level of stunt casting but this?

Burrowing Into Fearnet

As JT Petty comes closer to finishing his first "studio" pic, The Burrowers, and Fearnet is close to launching their prequel for 30 Days of Night, the two projects are inching closer and closer together so that they have something in common. Other than blood.

Two Dimensions for Zombie

I still have very high hopes for Rob Zombie's Halloween regardless of what early reviews and even what our own staff have had to say about it. Zombie made a major comeback after House of 1,000 Corpses and even if the remake of Carpenter's classic isn't mind blowing, it can get by just by being fun to watch. Remember, you can't please everyone all the time.

Final Hatchet Poster!

No, it’s not all that different from the poster we’ve seen before, but below you can check out the final theatrical poster for Adam Green’s Hatchet, which anyone who attended Monster Mania this past weekend will recall (those Anchor Bay guys were good at their job!) is due out in theaters on September 7th.

Tarman Attack Rue Morgue!

Oh, man, that is a damn fine cover.

Methodic Bashing!

We’ve all seen slashers, hack-n-slashers, and horror films in which power tools were the primary instruments of death. But director Chris R. Notarile wasn’t satisfied with all that; he wanted to create the world’s first basher horror film, and he’s well on his way to making it happen!