Behind Park Chan-wook's Thirst

A few days back some poster art for Chan-wook Park's first horror film, Thirst, showed up all over the place thanks to someone snapping a pic of it at Cannes, but I've been waiting for even a slightly better looking image of the damn thing. To date, I've had no luck so I guess we'll just have to use the one that's everywhere for now.

Witchblade Teases

Well, at least we know the creators of the new Witchblade movie are sticking true to the comic's sexy roots, if this teaser poster is any indication. Since there's been no casting that I've heard to date, I'm guessing the fine female donning the titular gauntlet is just a model, but they sure have the right idea! There's also an official Witchblade site where you can sign up for updates in existence as well. Keep it here for more soon!

Terminator Production Blog Opens

An official production blog has opened for McG's Terminator Salvation: The Future Begins, the fourth film in the incredibly popular series and the first of three new planned Terminator films. The oddly-named director seems to have a pretty good grasp on how to do this one right ... or at least what the kids want to hear.

Shock Festival Week 3 Winner!

Mr. Stephen Romano just sent us over this week's winner in our ongoing Shock Festival contest. The man's name is "Paul" and his film is entitled, of course, Shark Women of Sex Island! Romano had this to say about the concept;

More Abominable 2 Details!

I know you guys have been dying to get more information on Abominable 2, the proposed sequel to Ryan Schifrin’s debut Sasquatch pic, since it was announced a few weeks back. Since I can’t let you suffer the entire holiday weekend begging for info, the official Jeffrey Combs site got some info to ease your mind.

Hydra Trailer Slithers Your Way

I often wonder if someone at the Sci-Fi Channel keeps a checklist of every mythological, supernatural, and cryptozoological monster to decide what monsters the network has yet to air an original movie about and which ones they still need to check off the list. If so, whoever that is can now add a checkmark next to the Hydra, the multi-headed snake of Greek mythology.

Countess Teaser, Darkness Plot

Women just don’t have the kind of devotion to men that they did back in the 16th Century, you know what I mean? When was the last time you had a girl willing to bathe in the blood of virgins so she could stay young enough to keep you interested in her? It’s been years for me...

Friday the 13th: The Series Available for Pre-Order!!!

Saints be praised! Finally one of the absolute most sought after genre shows of days gone by is getting a long overdue DVD release!

Listen to SPOOKS!

You know, battling the forces of darkness can be rather mundane if you don't have the right tunes pumping in your ears. Trust me, I know. One time Butane and I were in Vatican City when this possessed she-bitch jumped out at us from behind the local Eucharist bakery.


We don't want to alarm you guys, but we came across this video, and it caused us a good deal of concern! There are crimes going on right now that you need to be made aware of!

Black Envelope Update! Mystery Solved!

NEW UPDATE: The good folks over at Screen Rant have gotten word from Devin at CHUD that all this craziness is surrounding HBO's new vampire series, "True Blood". Yay I can finally sleep at night!

Beware the Moon Premiere Date Set!

We’ve been salivating to find out when and where we’d finally be able to see Paul Davis’ exhaustive documentary Beware the Moon: Remembering An American Werewolf in London. A Blu-Ray release? Film festivals? Screener copy in my mailbox (yes please)?

Crisp & Clean Resident Evil 5 Screens!

Some blurry scans have been making the rounds showing a few new screenshots of Resident Evil 5, but now GamesRadar has got the real images right from Capcom.

Quake Wars Parody Videos!

The sick bastards behind Enemy Territory: Quake Wars just dropped a trio of videos in our virtual lap that you guys are going to laugh with, not at. If you don’t laugh ... I feel for you. I really do. Something is broken inside you.

Shock Festival Week Two Winner!

Well it’s taken a bit longer than we expected, but I think the end result is worth it, no? Yes! The second week winner in our ongoing Shock Festival contest is David Schmidt with his entry Read Your Death on My Skin!