AVP Teases

Christmas is the merry time of year for girls and boys. Santa brings us gifts and if we're lucky ... he'll get his skull crushed by a Xenomorph! Or better yet a Predator will shoot down his sled as he

One Missed Poster

Ah, the American remake. As quickly as films from the Far East got hot was as quickly as Hollywood started scrambling to cash in on the J-Horror craze. The latest film to get The Treatment? One Mis

Kane Gets His Space

A lot of stuff happens on the Internet. Especially on MySpace! How many times have you seen someone impersonating a celebrity or starting up unofficial sites for their favorite stars while claiming th

Be Part of a Qeetastrophe

Never let it be said that us horror and music fans don't have a heart! We are now pleased to announce the opening of a special MySpace page (click here) for a charity event we're all involved in!

Interactive Angel Comic

Online toy and collectible retailer Time and Space Toys has teamed up with IDW Publishing to offer Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel fans a chance to get involved in the much anticipated Angel: After

100 Alice March and RE4?

Is it me or did the horror news just take a day off? I've been scouting everywhere and all I can see is stuff about the Resident Evil: Extinction (review) premier. Guess we'll fill you in on that then

We Know Who Killed DVD

Sony's so bad it was funny I Know Who Killed Me is coming home to sear the retinas of gluttons for punishment across the country! Joy! Holy Christ! You know a movie is fucked when Art Bell has to s

Pathology Trailer!

If you've been reading this site at all for the last several months you know that one film we're mucho excited about is Marc Schoelermann's crime-thriller Pathology, opening November 30th and starring

Big Screen Spider BabyTonight!

To celebrate the upcoming release of the 40th Anniversary Special Edition DVD of Jack Hill's classic Spider Baby (Pre-order here), The American Cinematheque will host a screening of the film on Friday

Pathology Visited Again

The 'perfect murder.' We've all thought about it and all the ways one could go about creating the perfect situation where you could get away with it, but rarely is one given the chance to test out the

AVP's International Trailer?

Many people are tell me that a new international trailer for Aliens Vs Predator: Requiem has made its appearance over at Film Web, but I just cannot get bigger versions of it to play. If you have any

Storm Warnings Tease

It has been a good long while since Jamie Blanks' Urban Legend and Valentine. I guess his time away from the director's chair had to come to and end, because the Storm Warning is rolling in fast now ("New Storm Warning Art" - January 2007).

The Strangers Trailer!

The Strangers is one of those rarer horror films that I’m sure, first and foremost, doesn’t want to be called a horror film. It came out of left field, though, seemingly being made under our usual introspective radar, and scooped up by Rouge before anyone knew what was going on. Today Rogue Pictures have dropped the official trailer for The Strangers, so of course we called it our own and put it in our Broadband section. So what are you waiting for? Scroll down a bit to check out The Strangers trailer on Dread Central!

REC'n YouTube

The videos are really coming out fast and furious today! Now up for you viewing pleasure is a short clip from the upcoming Spanish horror flick, [REC]. The movie has been ramping up the hype lately an