30 Days Expands

Alaska isn't the only place that is going to get overrun with vampires this October. As 30 Days of Night (review) draws closer so will the release of many movie tie-ins. Publishing house IDW has just

Blood Promo Still

The folks over at 24 Frames Per Second managed to get their hands on the first official promo shot for Blood: The Last Vampire, the anime adaptation that was helmed by Chris Nahon.

More Otis, Voodoo for Raw Feed?

This Raw Feed thing is really working out well for seemingly everyone involved. Two bits of news came down yesterday concerning the future of the direct-to-DVD line, which just recently announced another trilogy of movies; Otis, Rest Stop 2 and Supermarket.

Skipp Helming Wake, Last Call

Some damn good news came down the Sci Fi Wire for those of you who have been a fan of John Skipp for a while now, or at least read my review of his latest, The Long Last Call, and tracked the book down.

First Look at Train Art

That’s a pretty good piece o’ promo art, wouldn’t you say? I sure as hell would be interested if I weren’t so ensconced in this site and didn’t know that Train is actually a remake of Terror Train. Ac

NBC Orders Fear Itself

A few weeks back, you may recall Masters of Horror creator Mick Garris made the semi-official announcement that Lionsgate were officially on board for a third season of the popular anthology show (“Lionsgate Behind Masters 3!” – August, 2007). Today it was announced that NBC has reworked Masters with Garris to create a new show, just without the freedom of pay cable.

Rogue Swims Past Date

Curses! Just when you thought it was safe to enjoy another nature run amok flick, Shock Till You Drop reports that the newest film from the director of genre fav Wolf Creek, Greg McLean, is going to

Musical Manos

It seems lately as if a new horror trend has reared its head! Japanese remakes have run their course, fresh faced teens meeting PG-13 demises (thankfully) has become a thing of the past, so what's hot

Packing up the Stone House

Director Alex Turner recently updated the MySpace page for his new film The Stone House. The pic, which stars Shane West, Leonard Roberts and Aldis Hodge to name a few, has been flying low ... really low under the radar.

AVP Concept Art Lands

Our buddy Pete, who runs the fan site Alien Experience, let us know that he just got in some exclusive concept art work from the upcoming Aliens VS Predator: Requiem. A tease of one of the pieces is t

Exclusive: In the Spider's Web Trailer

Check it out! We got our hands on the trailer for In the Spider’s Web, a new giant bug movie coming our way starring Lance Henriksen. Dig on it below! - Johnny Butane Got news? Click here to

Full Details on Hammer's Return!

We were one of the first to tell you about the return of Hammer Film Studios (“New Hammer Film Ready to Roll!” – September 2007) and because of our diligence, we managed to get our filth-encrusted paw

Teeth Finds Release

I know you’ve been waiting for information on when you can finally sink your teeth into Teeth, the horror/comedy about a girl whose vagina comes complete with a set of incisors; wait no more! Fango

Pics of the Pig Hunt!

So Jim Isaac didn’t exactly make a lot of fans with his last horror outing, the supposed werewolf movie Skinwalkers, but if the pics Fangoria got of his next offering, Pig Hunt, are any indication, he

Atopia Nabs The District

All right, stay with me on this one. Though it’s been called an Eastern European “South Park”, the animated comedy The District has, I think, just enough genre appeal to make it worth a mention here o