Firth Joins Dorian Gray

Shooting on Oliver Parker’s Dorian Gray adaptation is set to begin this week, so the final cast announcements are coming out now. This morning THR reported that Colin Firth (Apartment Zero, Then She Found Me) has officially signed on for the role of Lord Henry Wolton.

SDCC 08: Underworld: Rise of the Lycans Interviews!

The Underworld films actually improved from the first to the second, so one can only hope the third will follow suit. The directorial debut of effects man Patrick Tatopoulos, Underworld: Rise of the Lycans, goes back to the beginning of the feud between the vampires and the werewolves.

Go to the Drive-In With Jack Brooks!

Just last week we reported that you'd be able to see Jon Knautz's horror/comedy Jack Brooks: Monster Slayer (review) with a bunch of stiffs in Hollywood, but what about those who don't live in California?

SDCC 08 Exclusive: Deepak Chopra Talks Horror!

All right, this is just freakin’ weird. I mean, of all the people you’d expect to see being interviewed on Dread Central, would Deepak Chopra even show up on the list? Hell no. But here he is, talking about a horror novel he’ll be writing for HarperCollins called Satan.

Teaser Poster for Neuromancer!

Our buds over at Quiet Earth got the first look at what may possibly be the teaser poster for Neuromancer, a big screen adaptation of William Gibson's novel! Exciting news for us Cyberpunk fans!

SDCC 08: Laid to Rest Interviews

Robert Hall and Bobbi Sue Luther took some time to sit down with me at Comic-Con to talk about their latest fear film, Laid to Rest, and although it was uber-noisy in the room (we could barely hear each other and we were next to one another), there are still a lot of goodies to be dished!

Happy & Colorful Pulse 2 Clip!

After Comic-Con we know what's on every horror fan's mind: When will we see more from the Pulse franchise?!

SDCC 08: Angel of Death From Sideshow!

As our Comic Con gallery continues to grow (something tells me it’s not done yet), we keep seeing more and more cool shit we have to bring to your guys’ attention. This morning it is Death.

Update on Happy Madison's Shortcut

Though you may not think Adam Sandler’s Happy Madison production house would be an obvious place to start up a horror movie, it just goes to show they are trying to expand their horizons. The film is The Shortcut, and it just wrapped filming up in Regina, Saskatchewan, which is practically becoming a new mecca for horror productions.

Weta Lends a Hand to The Home

It’s good to see that, even though they could easily do nothing but work on huge-budgeted films for the rest of their existence, Weta is still willing to help out the little guy when they feel the project is deserving enough.

SDCC 08: Feast 2 Interviews

Ok, who's up for sloppy seconds? Normally, that question would make me cringe, but when we're talking about John Gulager's follow-up to the monster mash known as Feast, consider me first in line with a bib on!

Saw Video Game Posters & Jigsaw Fights AIDS!

How do you make a video game out of the Saw franchise? Would it be a series of mini-games where someone must disarm traps in order to save others/themselves? Could it be a detective game, like Condemnded, where you must piece together clues in order to track down Jigsaw? Word on the street says this last one may be the most likely.

SDCC 08: The Mummy 3 Cast Interviews!

Excited about The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor? Come on! You know roller coasters are lots of fun, and that's what this flick looks to be all about -- adrenaline based thrills! Besides, it has Yetis. True, they're CGI Yetis, but damnit, they're Yetis nonetheless.

UPDATED: Discount Train Ride? Meat Train Theatre Listings!

UPDATE: We found more theatre listings that include the eastern half of the country, so maybe it's not as bad as we initially thought. See below for the full list, and check your local listings, too, as this may not be everything.

Exclusive: Road to Hell Screen Grab

Cynthia Curnan, writer and one of the co-producers of the upcoming Road to Hell, dropped us a line today with an update on the status of the film.