Yam Hears Echos

From the Philippines comes Yam Laranas (Sigaw). He's bringing The Echo with him! How do we know? Because the poster is out.

Dawn of the Dead Goes 3-D!

Some exciting news just sprang up, hot on the heels of learning that Dawn of the Dead would be screening at Monroeville Mall next month.

Cronenberg May Commit Timecrimes

During an interview with Blogdecine, director Nacho Vigalondo let the beans spill about who he's considering to be in the director's chair for the remake of his time travel thriller Timecrimes (review).

Jennifer's Body Set Visit Preview!

I wish I could give you guy more details from the set of Jennifer’s Body than I actually can, but all in good time, fiends. What I can tell you is that the film looks like it’s going to be a helluva lot of fun, full of all those things we horror fans hold so near and dear: blood, guts and laughs.

18 inches of Alien Glory!

Not long ago we brought you images of NECA's 7" version of the very first adult xenomorph seen in Alien. Back then we mentioned that the toy company was in the works of bringing to us a large scale 18" version; it showed up today!

Another Twilight on the Horizon

A new Indie production company known as the Fort just picked up a title with a familiar name. While having nothing to do with vampires, William Gay's book Twilight is connected to our genre too. Hell, I'll even admit that the premise of the book is far more interesting than bloodsuckers in love.

New Saw V Details

First, let's get to the casting news. Shoot Em Up's Greg Bryk has been picked up for the fourth sequel of the Saw series along with Laura Gordon (Piranha) and Carlo Rota ("24"). Today Lionsgate let loose a small, but far more in depth synopsis for Saw V. In depth? Well, compared to the very vague character descriptions we've seen over the past few months...

The Wolfman's Plot Revealed!

April 3, 2009 may be a long time away for Joe Johnston's remake of Universal's classic Wolfman, but the wait should be worth it. Benicio Del Toro alone makes up for it. If you've been wondering just how close to the original this new venture will be, STYD got a hold of the official synopsis:

Rappers Vs. Pig People!

Sometimes when reporting the news stories break in our genre that just leave me sitting here slack jawed in a state of absolute disbelief. This is one of those troubling times. I'm pretty sure even the Foywonder would be aghast at these latest developments!

The Gate Re-opens?

Hey, remember that really cool little flick from 1987 with the kickass claymation monsters and the corpse guy who lived in the wall that starred a baby-faced Stephen Dorff? Well apparently Andras Hamori's H20 Motion Pictures remembers it well as they've just green-lit a sequel!

New York City Horror Film Festival Calls for Entries!

Do you have a feature, short, trailer or screenplay sitting around that you think should be seen by the public? Looking for that big shot to get noticed and fulfill your dreams of being a serious filmmaker?

The Strangers at the Bus Stop

The posters for Bryan Bertino’s home invasion flick called The Strangers have been getting increasingly creepy as the theatrical release date draws closer. If you've been taking the bus, then it is pretty likely that you've seen what IMP Awards found below.

First Image from Friday The 13th!

The official Platinum Dunes website got an update today with the very first picture from the set of Friday the 13th. Before getting too excited, only producers Brad Fuller and Andrew Form appear in the pic. There's no Jason for you ... yet.

Jesus Christ is the Prince of Pieces!

FX man Jeremy Selenfriend informed Fangoria about a very touchy project that he's set to work on, if the project gets financing. Why would money be such a problem? Well, how many people want to lay down bucks on a film called Prince of Pieces that stars Jesus Christ as he kills people in various biblical ways?

Fall in Love with Killdroid!

Rico Maria Ilarde (Women of Mud & Z-Man) is breaking all kinds of conventions by creating a mechanical love affair involving "a disturbed Goth schoolgirl who stumbles unwittingly across the remnants of a long abandoned military project designed to create an army of android killers from the processed bodies of dead soldiers.