Del Toro & Miramax Produce Don't Be Afraid Redux

Guillermo del Toro is being true to his word and mentoring another young filmmaker into his first feature, this time teaming with Miramax on a remake of the 1973 classic Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark. THR reports that the film will serve as comic book writer/artist Troy Nixey’s directorial debut. Surely a dream come true.

Von Trier's Antichrist Ready to Roll

Not a huge bit of news, but for those of us waiting to see what Lars von Trier will deliver to us with a straight-up horror movie, it’s good news nonetheless.

First Pics From Dark Moon Rising Online

And the Dark Moon Rising wheel keeps on rolling! The first pictures from the shoot itself has hit the interwebs so of course we're here to point you guys in the right direction! Just head on over to SidHaig.com for your first look at the goings on in this creature feature.

Anchor Bay Celebrates 30 Years of Halloween in Style!

I know what you may be thinking -- "Oh no. Another trip to the old DVD well. What can possibly be different about this release?" Guys, this is Anchor Bay we're talking about! They always have something cool up their sleeves! Behold below the Halloween 30th Anniversary Commemorative Set, complete with Myers Mask!

Devil's Chair Art & Specs

Sony Home Entertainment just released the full specs and cover art for Adam (The Broken) Mason’s second feature, The Devil’s Chair (review).

Shuttle Departs with Trailer and Poster

You know what we need more of today? Groups of hot young people being hijacked by maniacs to play a game called "Guess Who is the Final Girl." And on that note...

Major Cast Set for Ketchum's Offspring!

Mondercine, the production company which brought us last Ketchum adaptation The Girl Next Door (review), announced today the cast for the next film based on Ketchum's work, Offspring.

Exclusive: New Ghostbusters Closer Than We Think?

We just heard what might possibly be one of the coolest rumors to come across our virtual desk in a long time. This information comes from a very reliable source who cannot, at this point, be named, but they are telling us that a new Ghostbusters film may be happening sooner than we all think.

Never Cry Werewolf Cover Art Revealed!

Genius Products just sent over a look at the DVD cover art for its upcoming release of Never Cry Werewolf, which stars Kevin Sorbo and up-and-coming actress Nina Dobrev and will be available online and in stores September 16, 2008.

SDCC 08: New Alien Figure!

Another amazing figure came out of Sideshow’s display at this year’s Comic Con and while we’ve been saying they’re all badass, and they are, this one is just ... Damn.

SDCC 08: Sideshow's Dracula Diorama

Of all the images Nomad got with his camera walking around Comic Con, I was really surprised to only see one of this amazing statue coming soon from Sideshow. It’s Dracula throttling Renfield, which I’m sure he deserves, and as you can tell it’s a thing of beauty.

*UPDATED* Blow by Blow MK vs. DC Details!

**UPDATE: Scroll down to see some gameplay footage for yourself!**

New T-Rex Art!

The official Rob Zombie MySpace page unveiled another piece of artwork for the filmmaker's newest flick Tyrannosaurus Rex. Nat Jones provided the gritty and semi-sexy bit of promo this time, but I'm still confused about what T-Rex is supposed to be about.

Activision Drops Ghostbusters: The Game!

IGN, among many other gaming sites, is reporting that Activision has decided to not publish many of the anticipated titles from its recently acquired Vivendi Games portfolio. Among those dropped from publication are Ghostbusters: The Video Game, Brütal Legend, WET, 50 Cent: Blood on the Sand, Chronicles of Riddick: Assault on Dark Athena and World in Conflict: Soviet Assault.

R.I.P. Effects Man Benoit Lestang

It always pains me to have to do a story about a horror personality who is no longer with us, but it’s that much worse when the person is gone of their own hand. Such was the case with French effects man Benoit Lestang, who reportedly committed suicide over the weekend.