Poughkeepsie Tapes Q&A!

A few months back, our man Nomad was on hand in New York City for the premiere of many interesting horror films that we’ve been waiting on release info since. One of those films was The Poughkeepsie T

DFF: The Day After Halloween

Well, Rob Zombie’s vision of Halloween hit this weekend and destroyed all existing box office records for the Labor Day time frame. But what did the DC staff think of it?

New Mother of Tears Poster, Trailer

Myriad Pictures, who will be handling the film here in the US, just updated their Mother of Tears page with a brand-new poster, which you can see on your right, and a new trailer, which you can click

Lost Boys 2 Official Announcment

While there’s really no new or important information in it, Moviehole just posted the production announcement from Warner Bros. for Lost Boys 2: The Tribe, which is currently rolling in Vancouver unde

Halloween Does Huge Bank

Well, I gotta be honest; I really didn’t see this coming. Rob Zombie’s Halloween (review #1, review#2) reimagining didn’t just do well at the box office; it blew away every existing box office rec

DVD Releases: Unholy Wind Chill

A relatively short list for Tuesday, September 4th, 2007... The Amityville Horror 4: The Evil Escapes (1989) Directed by Sandor Stern Just like we always knew would happen, the evil infesting t

STOP Those Legion of Michael Entries!

**PLEASE NOTE: The contest is now CLOSED! All final entries were due by the end of the day Sunday, September 2nd! Winners will be announced by the individual sites very soon!** There’s only one ful

Lots O' Lionsgate

Some more art and details cropped up over on DVD Active for upcoming Lionsgate releases, and with it further proof that the studio seems to think Saw fans have no concept of their money. On Octobe

Repo! Rolls Next Week!

How lucky can one man get?

New Hammer Film Ready to Roll!

For years there has been talk of the once-famed Hammer Studios making a comeback to our genre, but to date nothing’s ever been seen from them. Most recently, the studio was taken over by a European co

Devil's Chair Blog!

There’s a little movie coming out in a few weeks from Dimension that I want to make sure you guys make it a point to see; it’s called Broken (read my review), from director Adam Mason, and it’s a pret

Black Devil Doll Poster!

Now that is what I call a poster, fiends! Below is the first badass poster for Shawn Lewis’ Black Devil Doll and fucking hell does it rule. Seriously. It’s got that perfect old school look with just the right amount of vulgarity that makes Lewis so damn loveable. Be sure to check out the Black Devil Doll MySpace page to get your toes a tappin’ and ears a bleedin’ with three sample songs from the flick, done by Bamboo Gods!

Saw IV Teases

Wow, no idea how we missed this, I guess three trailers in two days is a bit overwhelming, but Yahoo! Movies have the first official teaser for Saw IV, which is due out October 26th. It’s classy, I’ll

Body Horror is Back with Mindflesh

Today Fangoria did up a story about a movie with an interesting title but even more interesting imagery. It’s called Mindflesh and it’s coming to us from the director of the low budget indie London Vo

Premieres After Dark

While the rest of the world’s eyes are trained on the upcoming Toronto International Film Festival, the folks behind the second year of the Toronto After Dark Film Festival are compiling their own sho