Dean Cain, Maneater?

You know things are askew in Hollywood when Dean Cain joining a film warrants a mention in The Hollywood Reporter. I don’t really know how it’s possible, but for some reason the fact that Cain has signed on for Michael Emanuel’s Maneater is trade-worthy information...

Zombies to Strip on DVD

Though it has been available via most "on-demand" cable providers for a while now, Zombie Strippers is soon coming to your homes in DVD format thanks to Sony Pictures Home Entertainment.

Frightfest Reveals Freakdog Poster

While checking out the listings on the Frightfest website, I noticed they have the first ever poster for

Specs and Art for Zombie's 3-Disc Halloween

In August of last year Uncle Creepy and myself sat in an empty theatre with our jaws hung open as we experienced Rob Zombie's Halloween (review). We had just been assaulted by the f-word and Loomis' crazy magical car summoning abilities and hoped to never talk about it again.

Dead Space: Downfall Trailer Online!

We just got a heads up from a reader cryptically known only as “Wolf” that the trailer for Dead Space: Downfall, the animated film that serves as a prequel to the Dead Space video game, is now online.

Stop Motion Poe Hits DVD!

We just recieved some very good news for all you fans of stop-motion Poe adaptations!

Frightfest Prepares for the Horrorshow

Five up-and-coming directors from the UK whom you’ve probably never heard of have gotten together and created an anthology that, but all early accounts, is one of the coolest collections of shorts the horror world has seen in a while. So we’re going to give you the first word on it, cause we love you that much.

*UPDATE!* X-Files 3 Direct to DVD?

**UPDATE: Frank Spotnitz has "debunked" this rumor already in his official blog. All well and fine; just keep in mind these haven't been the most revealing of creative teams in the history of entertainment...**

DVD Releases: Wizard of Box Sets

A boatload of movies hit on a very few DVDs this Tuesday, August 19th, 2008. See what I mean below! 6 Films to Keep You Awake (2008) Directed by Various

First Look at Don't Look Up Redux

Been a while since we’ve heard anything about Fruit Chan’s English-language debut, the remake of Hideo Nakata’s Don’t Look Up, but thankfully it’s been moving along nicely since we last told you guys about it.

Goosebumps Gets Serious Scribes

Now this is an interesting development that may just make me want to get out and see the first Goosebumps feature when it’s all said and done.

7 Deadly Sinns: Twins of Evil

Oh, diabolical duplicity! There are abominations out there in the world; twisted hive minds dually cast in humanizing flesh and blood. Society would have us believe them harmless, perhaps even friendly. Science might even agree. Film, however, has shown us the facts of the case. These dastardly duos, these insidious inseparables, these twins, as they are colloquially called, they are out there in the world, waiting, scheming, and conniving your imminent and bloody destruction! Evil twins want to destroy the world!

Exclusive: More Pics from Dark Moon Rising

More pics from Dana Mennie's upcoming monster flick Dark Moon Rising hit our ever-so-hungry mailbox today, so we thought we'd share the wealth and give you all something to chew on!

Seed Trailer For Your Eyeballs!

Those lucky bastards over at IGN got their hands on the trailer for Uwe Boll’s first original horror film, Seed, and I’m oh so very jealous. No worries, though; you can just scroll down a bit to check it out for yourself.

New Saw V Blood Drive Poster!

Ha-ha, vindication! I demanded more Blood Drive posters from Lionsgate this year, and they cowered at my might, churning out not just another poster, but a badass poster to boot! You mess with the Butane, you get the horns, friends!