Lionsgate Bundles 6 Films To Keep You Awake!

Lionsgate sent over today the art work for a collection of horror features titled 6 Films To Keep You Awake.

The Happening Video Interviews!

Fox were kind enough to provide us with some interview footage for The Happening, M. Night Shyamalan’s first venture into R-rated territory. The on-cameras are with M. Night himself, star Mark Wahlberg, and stars Zooey Deschanel and John Leguizamo. In addition, be sure to get The Happening press conference audio for your iPod, you’ll feel like you were there! The Happening is in theaters this Friday, July 13th!

Exclusive: Behind the Scenes of Otis: An Audio Guide

A few weeks back we gave you guys an exclusive audio behind-the-scenes walkthrough for the makeup work in Tony Krantz’ Otis (DVD review), the latest entry in Warner Bros.’ Raw Feed line (dig it here).

First Look at Walking Distance

Over at the official MySpace page for Mel House’s latest film, Walking Distance, a whole lot of photos have just shown up from behind the scenes of the movie, which started shooting on June 5th.

VH1 Gets Top Zombie Idol

Though I don’t have cable, I’m still a fan of “Attack of the Show” host Blair Butler from the few times I’ve managed to catch her on the boob tube. She’s got that geek chic thing going on, you know? So I guess that’s one reason to look forward to this idea...

Hot Daughter of Evigan Burning Bright

Here's the pitch: A 20-year old girl and her autistic little brother find themselves trapped in their house during a raging hurricane as well as by the man-eating tiger that has invaded their home. My reaction: This is going to be a Lifetime Network original movie, right?

First Guests for Monster Mania 11!

It’s June and here in Boston, it’s really, really hot. I can’t imagine what it’s going to be like come August, but nevertheless I’m looking forward to it cause the best East Coast convention, Monster Mania, just released a stellar guest list for their upcoming 11th show.

Tentacles Wrap Around Outpost Doom

Horror and Indie filmmaking go hand in hand for some reason. Maybe it is better off to say that low-budget filmmaking and our beloved genre get along? This year alone I've seen about 25 unknown features ... and only a couple have been worth my time. The Grand Horror was one of those very few bright stars.

Teasing Terminators!

What is with all the Terminator 3 hate? It was a passable entry that threw us a curve ball and became a segway to jump into the future wars. Honestly, how many more times did we need tales of John Conner somehow stopping the apocalyptic future from raining down on mankind?

Regent and here! Films Meet Cthulhu

Having not been able to see Cthulhu (Review) yet, I can't offer up any objects or back-ups to the positive reviews out there, but a film with Tori Spelling as a seductress can't be bad.

See No Evil Scribe Visits Graveland

Dan Madigan, the mind that brought us the bit of brutality known as See No Evil (review) is not done with the horror genre. Two years after Kane (or 'Fake Desiel' as my wrestling friends still call him) terrorized a hot young cast, the writer has lined up a few intriguing flicks.

Shock Festival Contest Update

Hey there fiends, just wanted to give you a quick heads up regarding our Shock Festival contest.

Video Dread Exclusive: Hellboy 2 Cast & Crew!

During the recent New York Comic Con, we got the chance to talk on-camera with a lot of the creative force behind Hellboy 2: The Golden Army including Hellboy creator Mike Mignola, stars Selma Blair and Ron Perlman and of course director Guillermo del Toro.

Vipers to Tara-Rize Reid on DVD

UPDATE: A astute reader named Joey found the DVD artwork for Vipers over at HK Flix and passed it along to yours truly. I can also now confirm that DVD is being released by Wellspring/Genius Entertainment.

Good Dishes Unborn Plot

Megan Good remembers being a kid and wanting to be just like Danielle Harris in Halloween 4, a memory that helped her along when the time came to star in her own horror sequel, Saw V.