Gory Stills From The Devil's Chair!

We last told you about Adam Mason’s The Devil’s Chair (review) when the DVD date for the flick was finally revealed to be October 7th, 2008. Today we were provided a slew of stills from the incredibly gory flick to whet your appetite even further!

Wizard of Gore Image Blow-out!

Next Tuesday Jeremy Kasten's remake of the H.G. Lewis splatter classic, The Wizard of Gore comes home not only with tons of maniacal violence, but with a genre cast and a half that includes Crispin Glover, Bijou Phillips, Jeffrey Combs, Brad Dourif! So I ask you ... what better way to celebrate than with some stills of the forthcoming bit of mayhem?

New True Blood News Footage!

Those of you out there who just can’t stand the wait for Alan Ball’s “True Blood”, the vampire show coming to HBO this fall, you’re going to love this; Daily Motion just got a very cool exclusive from the show, a news report that details just how vampires went from being creatures in the shadows to functioning, accepted members of society.

Dark Sky Makes Leatherface Blu!

About two years ago we reviewed ultimate Texas Chainsaw Massacre DVD from Dark Sky, and it was good. Everything from the special features all the way down to the transfer kicked some major leathery ass. It was good headcheese for all. But now that we've entered into the Blu-ray era, will Leatherface and the family get their due?

Bloody Death Race Clip

The more I see of Paul Anderson's remake of Death Race 2000, more depressed I get. While we're all for more blood and carnage, this version of DR has no identity of its own. Everything from the cars down to the characters just feel generic. But at least there will be blood...

Magnet Unleashes Six Shooter Films

Magnet Films, the genre branch of Magnolia Pictures, have officially released the theatrical series they’re calling Six Shooter Films, ”six films from the vanguard of quality worldwide genre cinema”.

IFC Gets Coffin Joe Collection

Those of you with cable (a number I blissfully don’t count myself among) will have a lot to look forward to from IFC in the coming months. An article in Variety today reports that London-based One-Eyed Films has just sold a nine-picture package to IFC containing all the Coffin Joe movies!

My Name is Bruce Goes to Deadmonton

Anxious to finally get a chance to see Bruce Campbell’s latest directorial effort, My Name is Bruce? Willing to drive to, say, Canada to fulfill that dream? Then you’re in luck!

Canadian Release for End of the Line

For some reason no one out there wants to give Maurice Devereaux what he needs in order to secure a U.S. release for his urban apocalypse horror film End of the Line (review).

Final Pumpkinhead DVD Art

MGM has had two versions of the DVD art for Pumpkinhead: 20th Anniversary Edition out there for a while now, neither of which were what one would call ideal.

Behind the Scenes of Coraline

Henry Selick’s upcoming stop-motion animated version of Neil Gaiman’s Coraline is probably one of my most anticipated films of the next few years. We’ve been reporting on it for seemingly years now, so the fact that it’s finally being made is fantastic.

*UPDATE!* Bousman Wants More Leprechaun?

**Update: Bousman just put up a blog on his MySpace page addressing this and other rumors...**

Dafoe & Gainsbourg Join Antichrist

Finally, some casting has taken place for Lars Von Trier’s long-gestating Anitchrist, and it’s good enough to make it more than worth the wait. Variety reports that Willem Dafoe (pictured) and Charlotte Gainsbourg (I’m Not There) have signed on for the film.

In-Depth Look Behind the Scenes of Dead Space

Dead Space isn’t as surprising now as it was when it was first revealed. A game coming from a creatively rejuvenated EA games, that sits amongst a slate of other promising looking, brand new ideas. It wasn’t incredibly surprising when it was first unveiled either. But you have to think back to how we used to look at EA games a couple of years back.

Laugh or Scream, It's All in the Genes

Ever wonder why some people laugh during horror movies and others cower in fear? Researchers from Germany's University of Bonn think they have it figured out...