Beware the Moon Premiere Date Set!

We’ve been salivating to find out when and where we’d finally be able to see Paul Davis’ exhaustive documentary Beware the Moon: Remembering An American Werewolf in London. A Blu-Ray release? Film festivals? Screener copy in my mailbox (yes please)?

Crisp & Clean Resident Evil 5 Screens!

Some blurry scans have been making the rounds showing a few new screenshots of Resident Evil 5, but now GamesRadar has got the real images right from Capcom.

Quake Wars Parody Videos!

The sick bastards behind Enemy Territory: Quake Wars just dropped a trio of videos in our virtual lap that you guys are going to laugh with, not at. If you don’t laugh ... I feel for you. I really do. Something is broken inside you.

Shock Festival Week Two Winner!

Well it’s taken a bit longer than we expected, but I think the end result is worth it, no? Yes! The second week winner in our ongoing Shock Festival contest is David Schmidt with his entry Read Your Death on My Skin!

Fear Itself Poster Winners Announced!

Fear Itself is debuting on NBC tomorrow with Breck Eisner’s “The Sacrifice”, so it’s time to find out who’s getting some posters from the show! Behold the names of the chosen ones; Fear Itself poster signed by series writers goes to… MICHAEL LADAVNI KATHY CONLEY Fear Itself posters will go to…

Terminator Salvation Officially Rolls

Well, it’s actually happening. Someone’s making a new Terminator movie. I know, some may question why we’d be covering it here on Dread, but even though it’s about as sci-fi as you can get, we all have a soft spot for killer robots.

Boll Improvises Stoic, Janjaweed

This morning THR is reporting that Dr. Uwe Boll is prepping his next two films, both of which will be fully improvised dramas, neither of which sound very pleasant, but at least the man is trying something new.

New Shock Festival Runner-up!

With our Shock Festival contest kicking a major amount of ass, it's been hard for psycho-genius Stephen Romano to pick just one of your entries each week! As a result he's been doing a few runner-up posters as well, and we've got a look at the latest! "This one's for Fred Williamson!" says Romano! Dig on the image below, and don't forget to pre-order your copy of Shock Festival here!

Who Got the Black Envelope?

Over the years we've seen some bizarre viral marketing, but this new campaign may be the most intriguing yet. Yesterday I checked my mailbox to find a strange black envelope with no return address. It looked like an invitation and had a red seal with the letters "TB" on the back. Inside was the letter you see to your right (click to see it bigger)...

Exclusive Fear Itself Clip With Director Intro!

For those of you looking forward to the Fear Itself debut on Thursday, June 6th, which had damn well better be everyone out there, we got our hands on something very cool today: a clip from the first episode, “The Sacrifice”, with an intro by director Breck Eisner! Check it out below and be sure to hit the official Fear Itself site for more goodies!

Maple to Unleash The Thaw

Just the other day we gave you guys the first casting news for Anagram Pictures’ The Thaw, a good sign that progress on the film was moving along quickly. We just received further confirmation of this in the form of a press release announcing that The Thaw will see Canadian distribution through Maple Pictures!

Exclusive: Otis Audio Makeup Walkthrough!

We’ve been working with Tony Krantz, one of the three producers behind the Raw Feed DVD series as well as the director of Sublime (DVD review) from the first batch and Otis (review) from the forthcoming set, to put together some very unique goodies just for Dread Central readers.

Wenders & DaFoe In the Miso

Famed German auteur Wim Wenders is back at Cannes this year with a thriller called Palermo Shooting, about a photographer who flees his home in Germany and settles into a new life in Italy, which is getting all sorts of early buzz.

Paquet Opens His Cabinet of Curiosities

The name William Paquet will be a familiar one to our readers who like to go elbow deep into the world of garage kits. Beyond that, the man has churned out phenomenal work for DC Direct, NECA and Dynamic Forces, solidifying his place as one of the premier sculptors in pop culture collectibles.

New Silent Hill: Homecoming Screens!

Komani just released a stack of new screens from Silent Hill: Homecoming, the incredibly anticipated sequel and the first SH game made for next gen systems. Will it be as good as the previous entries? Well, it can’t be worse than The Room ... right?