Packing up the Stone House

Director Alex Turner recently updated the MySpace page for his new film The Stone House. The pic, which stars Shane West, Leonard Roberts and Aldis Hodge to name a few, has been flying low ... really low under the radar.

AVP Concept Art Lands

Our buddy Pete, who runs the fan site Alien Experience, let us know that he just got in some exclusive concept art work from the upcoming Aliens VS Predator: Requiem. A tease of one of the pieces is t

Exclusive: In the Spider's Web Trailer

Check it out! We got our hands on the trailer for In the Spider’s Web, a new giant bug movie coming our way starring Lance Henriksen. Dig on it below! - Johnny Butane Got news? Click here to

Full Details on Hammer's Return!

We were one of the first to tell you about the return of Hammer Film Studios (“New Hammer Film Ready to Roll!” – September 2007) and because of our diligence, we managed to get our filth-encrusted paw

Teeth Finds Release

I know you’ve been waiting for information on when you can finally sink your teeth into Teeth, the horror/comedy about a girl whose vagina comes complete with a set of incisors; wait no more! Fango

Pics of the Pig Hunt!

So Jim Isaac didn’t exactly make a lot of fans with his last horror outing, the supposed werewolf movie Skinwalkers, but if the pics Fangoria got of his next offering, Pig Hunt, are any indication, he

Atopia Nabs The District

All right, stay with me on this one. Though it’s been called an Eastern European “South Park”, the animated comedy The District has, I think, just enough genre appeal to make it worth a mention here o

Resident Evil Owns

Man, I expected Resident Evil: Extinction (review) to do well, but number one with a bullet (and a machete)? Nope, didn’t see that coming. The sequel, directed by Russell Mulcahy, managed to kick

DVD Release List: Flood Gates Open

Oh ... my ... GOD! As expected with the upcoming Halloween season the DVD releases are going to grow rapidly in number over the next few weeks. Let's see what we have to work with on Tuesday, Septembe

Bubba Dead, Tall Man Alive?

Last month Fangoria was able to confirm that Bruce Campbell was no longer attached to Bubba Nosferatu, but that doesn't exactly mean it is dead in the water. In the article it is mentioned that filmma

Bousman's Repo Update

Three-time Saw director and Repo! helmer Darren Lynn Bousman updated his MySpace Blog telling the world that his latest film is a wrap. Well, week two of filming is anyway. Repo! The Genetic Opera

Roth & Dougherty Get Origins

The popular NBC show "Heroes" or its spin-off "Heroes: Origins" don't quite fit into our beloved genre, but Hostel writer/director Eli Roth and Trick 'r Treat writer/director Michael Dougherty sure do!

R.I.P. Karl Hardman

Sometimes being a journalist means that you have to report on things that cause a great deal of pain. This is one of those times. It's with a heavy heart tonight that I report the passing of Karl Hardman. Best known for creating an unforgettable character in Harry Cooper, the hot-headed yet not totally unreasonable father in the original classic Night of the Living Dead, Karl will live on in the hearts of fans and through the work he helped to create forever.

Horror Nights' Site Live!

Though the site for "Halloween Horror Nights" has been active for a few months now, it has just undergone a new update that includes a trailer for this year's events! Click here to check it out! Un

AVP Teases

Christmas is the merry time of year for girls and boys. Santa brings us gifts and if we're lucky ... he'll get his skull crushed by a Xenomorph! Or better yet a Predator will shoot down his sled as he