*UPDATE!* X-Files 3 Direct to DVD?

**UPDATE: Frank Spotnitz has "debunked" this rumor already in his official blog. All well and fine; just keep in mind these haven't been the most revealing of creative teams in the history of entertainment...**

DVD Releases: Wizard of Box Sets

A boatload of movies hit on a very few DVDs this Tuesday, August 19th, 2008. See what I mean below! 6 Films to Keep You Awake (2008) Directed by Various

First Look at Don't Look Up Redux

Been a while since we’ve heard anything about Fruit Chan’s English-language debut, the remake of Hideo Nakata’s Don’t Look Up, but thankfully it’s been moving along nicely since we last told you guys about it.

Goosebumps Gets Serious Scribes

Now this is an interesting development that may just make me want to get out and see the first Goosebumps feature when it’s all said and done.

7 Deadly Sinns: Twins of Evil

Oh, diabolical duplicity! There are abominations out there in the world; twisted hive minds dually cast in humanizing flesh and blood. Society would have us believe them harmless, perhaps even friendly. Science might even agree. Film, however, has shown us the facts of the case. These dastardly duos, these insidious inseparables, these twins, as they are colloquially called, they are out there in the world, waiting, scheming, and conniving your imminent and bloody destruction! Evil twins want to destroy the world!

Exclusive: More Pics from Dark Moon Rising

More pics from Dana Mennie's upcoming monster flick Dark Moon Rising hit our ever-so-hungry mailbox today, so we thought we'd share the wealth and give you all something to chew on!

Seed Trailer For Your Eyeballs!

Those lucky bastards over at IGN got their hands on the trailer for Uwe Boll’s first original horror film, Seed, and I’m oh so very jealous. No worries, though; you can just scroll down a bit to check it out for yourself.

New Saw V Blood Drive Poster!

Ha-ha, vindication! I demanded more Blood Drive posters from Lionsgate this year, and they cowered at my might, churning out not just another poster, but a badass poster to boot! You mess with the Butane, you get the horns, friends!

The Weekly Wrap-Up: August 9-15, 2008

While most of the world had its eyes on Beijing and the Olympics this past week, DC's intrepid reporters Butane, Syxx, Foy, UC, and yours truly have been scouring the globe for genre news and views to send your way. Although I'm not following the Games much myself, I thought for this August 9-15, 2008, Weekly Wrap-Up, I'd join the fray and employ an international theme focusing on projects outside the good ol' US of A.

Twilight Comes Early!

News flash! Teenage girls all over America have been shitting themselves with anticipation over the big screen adaptation of the phenomenon known as Twilight! As a means to quell the messy epidemic, Warner Brothers has bumped up the release date for the Catherine Hardwicke film to November 21, 2008, instead of in December as originally planned.

Slayin' Nerds at the LAN Party Massacre!

If you've ever played Halo online, you'll know just how annoying some hardcore gamers can be. Oh, how sweet of an untapped market this is for the slasher subgenre! No, I am not counting Stay Alive as gaming horror because that film was just an insult to anyone who has ever picked up a controller...

Project Origin Details

Are you a veteran of the video game franchise F.E.A.R.? Then you know all about the intensely violent combat, thick and rich atmosphere, mind-bending levels, and the blood lust of a little devil known as Alma.

Updated Journey to the Latest Rest Stop

Heard from the good folks over at Warner Home Video today that the DVD and Blu-ray releases of both Rest Stop and Rest Stop: Don't Look Back have been moved up a week to September 30th.

Anchor Bay Unleashes Bloodsucking Cinema

Ah, Vampires. There have been so many good movies that featured everyone's favorite "pulse smoking fashion victims" (bonus points for anyone who can name where that quote came from). From the silent era of film to the teen sensation that is Twilight, it seems as if audiences just can't get enough of them. Ever wonder what the fascination is? On September 23rd you'll be able to examine the facts!

German Far Cry Trailer

We got an e-mail from Dr. Uwe Boll today (seriously) with a brand-new trailer for his next video game adaptation, Far Cry. Of course, I didn’t realize it was all in German until it was uploaded, but that just makes it more fun!