Outpost UK Quad, Trailer!

The British siege movie Outpost (DVD review) somehow managed to make it home to our shores before it ever saw release in its home country, and that just doesn’t make a lick of sense to me. But hey, it’s the movies; you don’t have to make sense to have a good time.

Exclusive Teeth Clip!

We have finally scored ourselves an exclusive clip from Teeth (review), the vagina dentata movie Dimension Extreme will be releasing on DVD come May 6th. I say “finally” because it wasn’t easy nail this sucker down; some would say it was like pulling teeth!

Event Report: Fangoria Weekend of Horrors: April 25-28 2008

I'll never forget my first time, man. I was barely a teenager. After what (even at that young age) seemed like years of anticipation, the time had come for me to become a man.

Ryan Schifrin Talks Abominable 2

We need us some more Sasquatch features. Is it me or does cryptozoology not get explored enough these days? Good thing we have people like Ryan Schifrin and Abominable (review) around to bring us what we're looking for, but we want more!

Poster and Stills from Conjurer!

Today the producer of Big Bad Wolf (review), Clint Hutchison, dropped us a line to inform us about his latest project Conjurer. A visit to the flick's official site will lead you to a Quicktime trailer and a few pics, but Clint provided us with more! Check them out, below the synopsis.

Magnolia Sees Red, New Poster!

Variety is reporting that Magnolia Pictures has swept up the distribution rights to the adaptation of Jack Ketchum's Red.

Nibble on Fear Itself's Eater

When an anticipated TV show gets its premiere pushed back, there's not much we can do but sit and wait. Unless, of course, the studio starts releasing things to get the hype in swing!

Dark City, Bright DVD

If you're in the camp who believe Alex Proyas' Dark City was severely underrated compared to the Hot Topic nightmare known as The Matrix, then you are not alone. The late '90s release of Dark City on DVD was less than what we fans hoped for, and a decade later we're still waiting for justice.

Ready for the Van Helsing Collector's Edition?

How many horror fans have stayed awake all night wondering when a Collector's Edition of Universal's Van Helsing would be available. Would they again get to see vampires fly around in daylight? Couches that can kill Kate Beckinsale? Beloved monsters getting the bastard treatment? Plenty of plot holes to trash even the most hardened drinking game veteran?

New Pics from The Wolfman Set!

For a change, it looks like the next two years may have remakes we horror fans actually want to see. Shocking, I know. While there are some stinkers and iffy titles on the way, The Wolfman stands out mainly because of the talented cast assembled for the project ... and we haven't had too many good werewolf films in recent memory.

Can Takeshi Beat Guilala?

A new and rather unexpected wrinkle has been added to the mix of Calamari Wrestler director Minoru Kawasaki's low-tech giant monster romp Monster X Strikes Back: Attack the G8 Summit.

DVD Releases: God of the Zillas

Big monsters, terrorizing singing, and re-issues are all on their way come Tuesday, April 29th, 2008...

Saw Game Gets Fresh Blood!

All right, this might possibly be the last news bit we’re able to pull out of the Fangoria Weekend of Horrors which, you have to admit, has been pretty fruitful in the news department this weekend. I don’t think I’ve updated on a Sunday this many times in all the years I’ve been doing this!

After Dark's Broken Horrorfest Plans

Wondering what After Dark Films has planned for this year’s Horrorfest? Amazed, considering the box office returns last year, that they’ll even be another? Yeah, me too, but you can’t help but give ‘em a little respect for not giving up!

Lynch Still on The Bridge

All right, so we just got yet more cool news from the Weekend of Horrors going down in LA right now, this time concerning one of our favorite up-and-coming directors, Wrong Turn 2’s Joe Lynch (pictured, looking fierce)!